2018 CATVetPC Series

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2018 Schedule

Each interactive and engaging webinar will last about 45 minutes.

Times are in Mountain Time (since we live in Colorado).

August 22nd (Wed.) at 12 noon = Value/Vision/Mission - explore your personal guiding principles!
Your guiding principles (your internal compass that keeps you on track) can be defined in your personal values, vision and mission statement.

  • Do you know what you value?
  • Do you know where your career will take you?
  • Have you ever considered what brings you greatest joy in your work day?

You may feel designing personal statements is “cold” and “corporate.” Quite the opposite is true! Defining your statements can bring clarity, support and a feeling of great accomplishment!

JOIN US TO LEARN MORE and craft your VVM Statements!

September 5th (Wed) at 12 noon = Time FLIES unless you manage it!
Believe it or not, we all have the same 168 hours in a week. How are your managing your hours? Time management is at the foundation of productive, satisfying days. Tools for success in time management include technology, prioritizing and delegating. Tips include getting organized (seems like a no-brainer but easier said than done!), saying “No” (understanding the vision of the future) and realistic expectations. Join us to get the details in time management!
October 18th (Thurs) at 5 pm = Designing In-Hospital Team Training - 4 Tips for implementation
Your team needs to get on the same page but how do you design something that is timely and valuable? Designing in-hospital team training does not have to be overwhelming! What are the needed topics, who is the best person(s) on the team to deliver the message and when will it be scheduled? Now, to dive into the bite-size details to bring the training to reality. The 4 tips to implementation include a SMART Goal, check-ins, support and celebration. Join us to learn the details bringing in-hospital team training to fruition in YOUR practice!
November 15th (Thurs) at 1 pm = Get Holiday Stress? Strategies to Relieve it!
Regardless of the holiday(s) you are celebrating, November and December are peppered with increased stress. Parties, gift giving, high expectations (bound to lead to a bust!) and stressed-out clients. The list goes on! Tune in for tips on how to survive the holidays. Hint: they include lowered expectations (really, let it go) and increased empathy for clients and team members during the “Festive Time of the Year.” Join us to receive tangible ways to relieve the stress during the holidays.
December 13th (Thurs) at 5 pm = Healthy Team Habits - Success in 2019!
Now is the time to set your team up for success in the coming year. Establish a solid foundation in supporting each other in Healthy Habits. First, identify habits to be celebrated (leaving on time or taking a lunch break). Then provide encouragement in the upcoming months. Teams that build a culture in wellness and wellbeing reap the benefits in body, mind and spirit. Join us to receive tricks and tips in creating a healthier 2019!

Again, all are FREE. If you can’t attend the live session, a taped version will be available soon after each webinar to review on your own time.


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