About CATALYST Veterinary Practice Consultants

Metro-Denver-based, offering services throughout the Nation, CATALYST Veterinary Practice Consultants, founded by Rebecca Rose, CVT, believe veterinary hospitals and teams thrive when there is a culture cultivated in career development, team engagement, and maximum leveraging. CATALYST VetPC offers a unique, holistic, and innovative approach to veterinary team development.

We simply care about and understand veterinary teams, helping to achieve their highest potential.

We assist veterinary hospitals through a TIER approach:

  • Team development and transformation
  • Igniting passion
  • Engaging talent
  • Rising to excellence

The TIER program achieves this by focusing on three key elements of veterinary practice management:

  • Wellness = both individuals and teams
  • Decreasing turnover = retention
  • Career advancement = favorable culture

Values, Vision, and Mission

TeamworkMission: Educate, empower and elevate veterinary teams.

Vision: Support & inspire all veterinary teams, assisting them in reaching their highest potential and profitability.

Values: We value relationships, authenticity, team wellness, innovation, trust, and time.

We have “been there, done that!”  We thoroughly enjoy sitting with veterinarians, managers and team members (preferably over a cup of coffee), sharing stories, expertise and knowledge.

How can we help you and your team THRIVE?