Monthly Focus

Veterinary Team Development, monthly focus

Leading & Managing Veterinary Teams

Having a monthly focus in team development (leading and managing) will allow us to completely engage in the topics. Anticipate Blogs, handouts, downloads, and empowering conversations around each topic.




July = Increase Staying Power: Hiring, Team Training & Feedback

Make sure to check out the weekly Blog this month since all the articles are centered on this topic.

Here are a few resources to help:

Efficient Veterinary Team  Your team wants to be efficient in delivering veterinary care. Are you offering them the tools to succeed in efficiency? Job descriptions, consistent messaging for the client (given by everyone on the team) and career advancement lead to an efficient team.

Self-managed teams begins with personal accountability. Veterinary Team Accountability  begins looking from within. That can be a scary place to seek accountability(self-awareness), however it is the FIRST place to start.


List of Monthly Topics

January = Leading & Managing, Vision & Execution: Values/Vision/Mission (common purpose)

February = Communication: Key to All Success

March = Financial Stewardship is a Team Sport

April = Team Wellness: Fill Your Cup to Overflowing

May = Trust + Delegation = Team Satisfaction & Improved Patient Care

June = Team Delivered Veterinary Care: Self-Managed Veterinary Teams

July = Increase Staying Power: Hiring, Team Training & Feedback

August = Your Veterinary Team; Experts in Veterinary Medicine

September = Tools for Success: Efficiency & Efficacy

October = Client Service: Professionalism, Relationships & Patient Care

November = Simply Inspire; Abundance & Gratitude (Team Culture)

December = Career Growth within Veterinary Practices


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