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Classes & Workshops from CATALYST Veterinary Practice Consultants

CATALYST Veterinary Practice Consultants Classes & Workshops

“I truly enjoyed your professional talks and you as a speaker, Rebecca. I found you to be truly inspirational.” Sarah, RVT, Ontario, Canada


CATALYST Veterinary Practice Consultants classes and workshops cover many aspects of veterinary team development and practice management.

Custom classes!  In addition, CATALYST Veterinary Practice Consultants are happy to develop custom presentations, classes, workshops, or boot camps designed to meet the very specific needs of your veterinary practice. If you don’t find the class or workshop on the list that you need, get in touch with CATALYST to work out a plan to develop the content you need for specific training & development needs.

Career Choices Within the Veterinary Practice
Keys to Veterinary Practice Success: Team Leveraging & Engagement
Greatest Tool in Practice Management: Your Employee Handbook
Practice Management-101 (Move to Management): Budgets, Hiring, OSHA, Inventory and Team Meetings
Hiring for Aptitude and Attitude: Building Your Dream Team
Plain & Simple: Management MUST Know Labor Laws
Team Personal Finances and Stewardship
Train the Trainer: Fundamental to Team Success
Time Flies: Unless You Manage It!
Call 911! Disaster Preparedness for Veterinary Hospitals
Social Media: Tips, Tricks and Tribulations
Team Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility: Delving into OSHA Requirements
Your Profits are Walking Out the Door: Inventory Management Specialist Will Stop the Flow in Its Tracks
Veterinary Technician Specialist: How to Become One
Tough Conversations Build Stronger Teams
Professional Attitude: Own It!

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