Debbie’s In-Hospital Training

Debbie’s goal in working with hospitals is to “Change Owners into Leaders, Employees into Teams and Patients into Purpose.”  Her consultations are all customized to the needs of the practice and she has been successful helping practices grow their teams and their bottom line.

One of her in-hospital training courses include:

Communication Skills: Key to Veterinary Team Success

A team meeting to identify better communication pathways.

Effective communication by every member of the team is the key to patient health.  If we consider each mistake made in patient care or upset client event that occurs in a hospital, we would have to agree that someone fell down in his/her communication. It could be the client, the doctor or the team. Better communication enhances patient care, decreases “drama” among staff and creates a culture that is positive. The better the communication skills, the better the hospital environment resulting in better patient care. Learn basic communication skills and learn to look forward to your job every day.

– Understand personal communication styles and how that affects team success and practice culture

– Demonstrate how to tailor a visit experience to the needs of the clients based on their communication preferences

– Offer added skills in presentation of treatments at a level that non-medical clients can understand and accept

– Provide  team members the tools to observe and understand body language

– Engage team members in the ‘purpose” of veterinary patient care

– Show team members how their efforts in better communication make a difference in the lives of pets and their owners

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