Rebecca’s In-Hospital Training

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Career Choices within Veterinary Hospitals

You may be surprised by the various career choices there are within veterinary hospitals. Assistants, technicians, managers, receptionists, and veterinarians – THERE IS NO GLASS CEILING! Together we will outline options within client service, team training, advanced certifications, end-of-life care and self-employment (to name a few).

You will be given a Career Road Map and resources to begin your journey down a long and rewarding career path. The sky is the limit and we will prove it! Contact Rebecca for details.

Communication Skills: Key to Veterinary Team Success
High Morale or Hospital Culture; which comes first?
Professionalism, OWN IT!
Tough Conversations Build Stronger Teams
Veterinary Team Self-Care & Stress Relievers
Trust + Delegation = Team Satisfaction
The Relevant and Important Employee Handbook
Time Flies: Unless You Manage It!
Inventory is a Team Sport
Safety is Everyones’ Responsibility!