Manager Mentoring

Manager Mentoring

Often times veterinary team members are promoted to middle and upper management with little experience or knowledge in this area.

CATALYST offers mentoring for all levels: assistants, technicians, managers, and veterinarians. Mentoring enables a manager to reach out when there are pressing questions or concerns.

Mentoring packages allow for a customized experience. This puts managers at ease, knowing they are are speaking with a trusted, knowledgeable mentor in a private setting.

  • Weekly or monthly phone consultations
  • Virtual meetings
  • Email correspondence
  • Other

CATALYST Manager Mentors have “been there, done that,” managing in practices alongside of busy, compassionate team members.

Mentoring can offer resources and be a sounding board on topics related to, although not limited to:

  • Human resources
  • Hiring and firing
  • Finances and profitability
  • Updates to policies and procedures
  • Equipment
  • Inventory management
  • Team meetings
  • Work/life blend
  • State and federal laws governing small businesses
  • Safety
  • Disaster planning
    • and MUCH MORE!

Contact us to learn more about Manager Mentoring and design a customized package that meets your manager’s needs.