Strategic Planning

Multi-Ethnic Group of People Planning Ideas

Team brainstorming, creating, and innovating!

Strategic Planning

Vision & Execution

CATALYST VetPC can assist your organization in designing your vision and execution (AKA: strategic plan) that fits your needs and budget.


The following is a typical plan; however, it will be customized to fit your individual requirements. Prework (initiating the creative flow and engages the leaders) may include, but is not limited to:

  • Reviewing management oversight (board governance), website and social outreach
  • A worksheet regarding personal values, vision, and mission
  • Identifying where the hospital (organization) currently is
  • Identifying where the hospital (organization) wants to be
  • Looking at how to fill in the GAP
  • Identifying services and current client experience (membership experience)

Information required will be obtained through a combination of conversations with management and anonymous surveys to team members. Any articles or materials will be sent via email prior to the onsite program.

Onsite Program may include, but is not limited to:

A team meeting to analyze the results.

  • Colors preference (personality) test of the team
  • Best Practices in Management
  • Evaluate and/or adjust values, vision, and mission
  • Walk through GAP Analysis
  • Identify initiatives for the future
  • Design a path and put it in writing
  • Define accountability for implementation, execution


No matter how big or small, if this is something that fits into your vision, CATALYST VetPC can help you make it happen!

Your team will receive the tools required to complete your vision. Contact CATALYST to start on your path to success.