Veterinary Practice Consultations

Ready to take your team from surviving to THRIVING?

YES! You will benefit from CATALYST's unique services and customized consultations.

YES! You will benefit from CATALYST’s unique services and customized consultations.

You may struggle with improving team morale, increasing client retention and hitting your financial goals; CATALYST offers veterinary practice consultations.

If your veterinary practice is experiencing any of these issues, we can help:

• High staff turnover & team communications
• Chronic exhaustion & burn-out of the veterinary team
• Issues with client service or the client experience
• Inefficient operations
• Lack of profitability

CATALYST Consultants can take your team from simply surviving to thriving! Here are the steps you can anticipate – all customized to your individual needs.

Step 1:  Practice Questionnaire 

You are asked to complete the free Practice Evaluation.  By filling it out, you may be introduced to topics you had not considered before.

Step 2:  Needs and Desired Outcome

You will meet with Gwen Pettit, CATALYST’s Change Agent, to determine veterinary owner’s degree of commitment and support to veterinary team development and practice prosperity. Gwen will help to identify the owner’s needs and desired outcomes in consultation.

Step 3:  Financial Review 

CATALYST’s Financial Adviser, Stith Keiser, will request a few financial documents to gauge financial status and determine Key Performance Indicators to focus on during the transformation.

Step 4:  Observation Days

We will establish hospital observation days. One or two of our CATALYST Consultants will engage with your team, interact with clients, possibly video tape team members in action with clients, and review protocols. CATALYST Practice Team Consultants may consist of Lead Consultant Rebecca Rose, Debbie Boone, and/or Brad Patton. All have valuable experience in practice management, team development and client service.

Step 5:  Comprehensive Report

The veterinary owner(s) and manager will receive a comprehensive report (within 4-6 weeks) outlining the Consultants’ findings with suggestions and resources.

Step 6:  Transformation Plan 

With the veterinary owner(s) and manager, Consultants will assist in designing the 12 month transformation plan outlining monthly goals, team members accountability, recording of processes, and define the Consultant’s role in assisting the team during the transformation.

Rebecca and Debbie - two Consultants for CATALYST

Rebecca and Debbie – two Consultants for CATALYST

You are not on your own as CATALYST is here to help you every step of the way. So click here to reach out to CATALYST to begin your practice transformation.

However, you may be thinking, “That is all fine and dandy, but what I really need is someone to manage a few practice projects.” That’s great, we can do that, too! We customize to fit your needs.

Again, contact CATALYST to learn more about an ala-carte approach to practice consultations, projects and services.