The CATALYST Veterinary Practice Consultants team is coordinated by Rebecca Rose, CVT, who has 30 years of experience in the veterinary community.

Over the years, Rebecca Rose has also partnered with many top-notch experts in the various areas of veterinary team development and practice prosperity. These Friends of CATALYST are available for consulting / coaching individually or as part of a customized group to help you achieve specific goals for your veterinary practice. Because of Rebecca's extensive networking, she can direct you to the right person for any situation you may encounter.

Rebecca Rose

CVT, Founder & President

Rebecca Rose,CVT, brings an interactive and energizing approach to veterinary practice management consulting, mentoring,and teaching. She has assisted veterinary practices and professional organizations streamline procedures and improve team efficiency. She inspires and motivates as she moves the team towards their desired goals.

Debbie Boone


Debbie brings great breathe and depth in her working knowledge of veterinary practices, having managed AAHA accredited practices for 23 years! Debbie works with owners and managers teaching leadership and innovative business practices to increase profits, long term practice value and owner and employee happiness.

Gwen Pettit


Gwen has experience in coaching veterinarians and clients to manage change and get results in the midst of the chaotic setting of a veterinary practice. What clients get from Gwen is learning a system to focus on the important things in life so your daily actions support your goals for professional success and personal satisfaction.