Gwen Pettit

I coach busy professional women who are stressed and overwhelmed with competing demands on their time. Stress will be a part of your life. What you choose to do with stress is the critical difference in reaching sustained happiness.

My mission for Spiral Coaching is to promote the concept that your health depends on being passionate about all aspects of your life not just your profession. You are more than your job or your medical degree.

I grew up on a dairy farm in NJ and wanted to be a veterinarian because I loved animals. All the advice I got was against that idea. At that time I had no experience or skills in how to make my own decisions. Now I make my decisions based on my education, experience and instincts not on what other people think I should do. That is one secret in managing stress. Make decisions based on what you need – not what other people expect of you.

My coaching has brought me back to a childhood dream- working with veterinarians. Now I coach veterinarians on how to manage stress so they keep their passionate enthusiasm for veterinary medicine and live healthy lives.

My focus on managing stress is a personal one. I have been excellent at creating stress in my life on both a professional and personal level. I was the over achiever and the responsible one in every group. My strengths of being responsible and a perfectionist let other people just assume that I would get things done all by myself. As a coach I recognize those traits in other women. Overcoming stress is a skill that I now share with others like me through coaching. The discipline of practicing martial arts for 15 years has given me confidence and a calm inner mindset. My idea of fun includes backpacking, swimming, skiing or just being outside in the mountains of Colorado.

I earned an Evidence based Coaching Certificate and Masters in Organizational Development at Fielding Graduate University. I survived 30 years of experience in the hectic world of healthcare including being the interim CEO of a hospital.

My personal philosophy is learning to put yourself first with self-care and self-compassion will lead you to health, self -development and professional growth.

– Gwen Pettit

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  • Yes. Your stress level is directly related to your health.
    Manage your stress and you will improve your health. Create healthy habits and these will lower your stress. What is your choice?

  • Wellness Coaching: What do you get?
    Your coach is: Your person to review your health screening results
    Your guide and support system to meet your goals
    A source of information and resources
    Not just talking: Help you decide and take actions
    Wellness is about reducing stress factors in your life and spending time on what is important to you.

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