Rebecca Rose

You will discover Rebecca Rose, CVT’s background within the veterinary community is diverse. In the past she has worked as a veterinary practice management consultant, practice manager of AAHA-accredited animal hospitals, is an award-winning certified veterinary technician, and regarded as a noted speaker, blogger, and educator.

Rebecca serves as the coordinating consultant and consulting project manager, when multiple CATALYST consultants are working as part of a team.

Her areas of specialty are:

  • Veterinary Team Development, Career Design & Retention,
  • Staff Recruitment, Team Coaching, & Mentoring Managers,
  • Operations Improvements, Practice Transformation, & Human Resource Tools,
  • Facilitating Workshops & Presentations.

You will find she is able to create a multitude of workshops for your team.

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Following are a list and description of her presentations

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  • Many options are available to team members to grow their careers within the veterinary hospital. Together we will identify numerous opportunities, determine what brings you joy in your day, create a Career Road Map, establish SMART goals and help team members move into their highest potential. Career Choices Beyond Veterinary Practice Industry, education, association management and consulting are a few career options available to veterinary professionals beyond veterinary practice. Identify where your passion lies and take your career to the next level.

  • Your team has varying degrees of skills and education, empower them and leverage their assets to their highest potential, ensuring job satisfaction, best care possible and hospital profitability. Sounds like a win/win situation for your team, the patients they serve and the bottom line.

  • Each and every day we are given opportunities to make a lasting, first impression. What impression are you projecting? As veterinary professionals, it is our job to create a professional image, to be genuine, knowledgeable, courteous, well-groomed, and sincere. As a team, how can you create a policy to help identify your values around professionalism? Attendees will define what is a professional, how can they (with a unified front) create a professional experience for clients and continue to grow with grace and integrity.

  • It may sound boring, but your employee handbook benefits both the team member and the business by outlining expectations, guidelines, state and federal laws, and policies specific to your hospital. Assist everyone in succeeding by having a relevant, up-to-date employee handbook.

  • Designed especially for the team member moving into middle or upper management, this course provides resources and basic understanding of the inner functions of a veterinary hospital. Highlighting essential tasks, laws, team engagement and profit, this program enlightens and supports those transitioning to Team Leader or Management.

  • Your team is your greatest asset! Build a team that is skillful, communicates well, offers an extraordinary client experience and has a defined training program. This class will assess, strategically, who needs to be hired (veterinarian vs non-veterinarian), generate a motivating job announcement, determine the training team, outline phase training and team building.

  • Resources for local, state and federal laws governing your small business will help management to navigate the ins and outs out of labor laws. It’s not as daunting and cumbersome as you may think, once you understand the lingo and know where to find the appropriate information. Exempt, Non-Exempt, FMLA, and OSHA requirements are a few of the topics covered in this course.

  • Managing finances may be a challenge; participants will look at salaries within the veterinary profession, define a budget and set realistic goals to enhance financial stewardship.

  • Undoubtedly, you have a team member that is an excellent teacher, tap into the incredible resource and support them as a Team Trainer! Seriously, offering your new hires a defined phase training program with a trainer and mentor (two very different roles) is crucial to career development within your hospital. Team members wanting to train and mentor will learn about adult learning, offering appropriate feedback, generational needs, teachable moments and much more. Set them up to THRIVE and FLOURISH, both your trainers and your trainees!

  • Chaos, clutter, random acts of nothingness, and being unfocused are a manager’s demise. During this course on Time Management, participants will objectively look at their cluttering habits, organizational style, be given tips and tricks and offered tools that assist in focusing. We are all given the same 1,080 minutes in a week, utilize and prioritize them wisely.

  • Let’s start with the basics, a PLAN! In my experience, all small businesses (including veterinary hosptials) are required to have an emergency plan, however very few do. Attendees will identify disasters pertinent to their region, identify a Safety Coordinator, review OSHA requirements, design a drill and be given resources to move forward with a Disaster Preparedness PLAN.

  • Really, “Social Media is FREE?” The biggest farce out there, because, as we know, it takes time and energy to build relationships. Participants will review best practices for website optimization (Home-Base), look at all the many ways to cross-pollinate between a few sites (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest & Twitter), and create a job description for a Social Media Coordinator. A budget line for marketing and social media, yes, we will do that, too.

  • Clutter on a stairway, frayed electric cords, and faulty equipment; who is responsible and who does safety training at your facility? Often times there is nobody assigned to Team Safety and within veterinary hospitals, there are hundreds of daily dangers to which your team is exposed. Let’s start with the Top Ten OSHA violations within veterinary hospitals and go from there.

  • It is astonishing the amount of money veterinary hospitals lose in loosely managed inventory! Identify a team member that is detail oriented, can build lasting relationships with vendors, understands your pharmacy, surgical and retail needs, and create a job description that allows them the time and resources to thrive in this extremely important position.

  • There are currently 11 Veterinary Technician Specialty Academies. You may be a perfect candidate (or you may have a team member you want to encourage and support in becoming a VTS)! Participants will learn about the current and upcoming Academies, objectively determine which specialty is right for them, develop a plan to achieve the desired goal, and outline the benefits to the pet, pet owner, team member and veterinary hospital.

  • Tip toeing around difficult conversations, “making mountains out of mole hills,” and “sweeping problems under the rug” are a sure way to demoralize and de-motivate a team. Attendees will learn to identify their own communication styles, begin to look within for sabotaging trends, and be given tools to actively listen, seeking first to understand then to be understood. Communication skills develop and mature over a lifetime, however this class will highlight ways, in each moment with each person, to engage, listen, mirror, and respond. Like death and taxes, difficult conversations are a part of life, learn how to make the most of each engagement.