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Here you will find various tid-bits, helpful items and links to other webpages to assist you and the veterinary team.

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Self-awareness is the first step to understanding and managing stress. Sometimes once you recognize and identify the stressors in your life, it’s easier to deal with them. You can then take steps to either lessen or transform the stressors to lead to a healthier life.

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Whether you are just starting on your incredible journey, or you are looking to liven up your current one, it’s always important to build and grow in your career.

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When you understand what each team member drives them you will be increasing their staying power (employee retention) and career satisfaction.


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Without the proper tools in place, it can be frustrating for managers and team members alike. Build your clinic’s resources and provide guidance for the veterinary team.

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Of course, without the technical knowledge, it wouldn’t be a highly functional veterinary clinic. While this isn’t CATALYST’s main focus, there are several resources available that can be beneficial to your clinic.