Veterinary Employee Handbook

Veterinary Employee Handbook

Veterinary hospitals benefit from having a comprehensive, customized employee handbook. Employee handbooks state a veterinary hospital’s employment policies which establish the foundation for a successful relationship between team members and management.

Benefits of a personalized employee handbook include team satisfaction and retention by:

  1. Stating Mission, Vision, and Core Values of the hospital
  2. Defining expectations of employment
  3. Outlining codes of conduct, dress code, and confidentiality
  4. Identifying employee benefits, discounted services, and workman’s compensation insurance provider
  5. Discussing pay day, time clocks, vacations, holidays, sick days, and tardiness
  6. Outlining safety and performance evaluations as well as formal disciplinary warnings and termination
  7. Identifying jury duty responsibilities, community obligations, and social gatherings
  8. Defining state and federal laws that govern small businesses

Employee handbooks benefit both the employee and employer, helping to level the playing field. Within the pages are the rules for the game, how to praise for good sportsmanship, when to run the bases, what a foul looks like, three strikes you’re out and how to win the hospital team tournament.

When your employee handbook is completed, a CATALYST Consultant will help to facilitate a meeting with your team members, reviewing the employee handbook, highlighting expectations and standards outlined in the document. At the end of the meeting, each employee will be asked to sign they have received and reviewed the handbook.

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