CATALYST Veterinary Practice Consultants Workshops

CATALYST Veterinary Practice Consultants classes

I truly enjoyed your professional talks and you as a speaker, Rebecca. I found you to be truly inspirational.” Sarah, RVT, Ontario, Canada

Why do we call them “Workshops?”

Because they aren’t just classes or lectures. They are interactive experiences!

And they are 100% customized for YOU!

Take the First Step and CONTACT US for a FREE, no-obligation discovery phone call or email exchange.  Discuss your specific situation, topics of interest and get answers to your questions.


Each Workshop Includes:

  • Pre-work, specific to the topic (+/- articles, videos, quizzes, self/team-evaluations, surveys, etc.), via email
  • Either a 2-hour on-site (in person) facilitation or a 1-hour virtual (on-line computer) session, customized to meet specific team or manager’s needs
    • Many of our workshops are approved for CE credit for Colorado Veterinarians and Technicians
  • Slide presentations, engaged conversations, group discussions, team exercises and identification of team goals for moving forward
  • A location and time convenient for the team
  • Follow-up materials and other supportive resources as identified during the workshop
  • Approximately 1 week later, a phone call or email consult to discuss and support the progress of the team goals
  • On-site Workshops are $595* each (if outside the Denver Metro area, additional travel expenses may occur) and On-line Virtual Workshops are $395* each

Ideas for potential workshops

Chances are, CATALYST VetPC has it!

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We look forward to helping you and your team Thrive!