Past Engagements

CATALYST VetPC has enjoyed engaging with a variety of groups, discussing a myriad of topics! Below are just a few of these amazing experiences.

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Effective Veterinary Team Communications; A key to building a team 
Description:  Success in your career (regardless of your role on the veterinary team) comes from effectively communicating. There is no one greater skill that will boost your career and job satisfaction. As a new veterinarian, how do you engage and establish a relationship with the team, allowing for trust, synergy and teamwork? Attend the VBMA dinner meeting on April 25th to get the answers!



Colorado Veterinary Medical Association’s BIG Ideas Forum, Golden CO 

March, 24th 2018

Building a Healthy Practice Culture for Engagement, Growth, and Success

Laurie Fonken, LPC and Rebecca Rose, CVT tag-teamed an interactive workshop focusing on veterinary practice culture.


WVC NAVTA Track at Las Vegas March 5th  

Trust & Training: Nothing is as Fast as the Speed of Trust

Career Satisfaction: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Profitability is a TEAM Sport

Rebecca Rose, CVT uses the NAVTA Team Resource as the notes to include the Workbook and accompanying video to support the engaging program. Reach out to CATALYST VetPC to schedule a Team Resource Workshop with your team!


Washington State Veterinary Medical Association’s VetMed Matters Forum, Seattle WA 

February 25th, 2018

Subject: Team Dissatisfaction and Attrition

A powerful discussion lead by panel experts from around the United States generated great discussion in veterinary team attrition and retention.





Arizona Veterinary Health Care Team Certificate in Professionalism 

Rebecca Rose, CVT

January 30th thru February 2nd, 2018

  • Managers: Tuesday’s focus on leading and managing veterinary teams
  • Entire Team: Wednesday’s focus on professionalism, team satisfaction and staying power
  • Alumni (Managers that have already completed the program): Thursday’s focus on veterinary team efficiency, effectiveness and innovative performance reviews
  • CAVIT:  Friday’s class engages high school students focusing on professionalism and careers in veterinary medicine

View AzVMA Certificate Program to learn more