Past Engagements

CATALYST has enjoyed engaging with a variety of groups, discussing a myriad of topics! Below are just a few of these amazing experiences.

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Oklahoma State University Keynote Speaker: Rebecca Rose, CVT

In August, Rebecca was invited to the Oklahoma State University’s (OSU) Orientation and Leadership Experience (OLE). She was honored to give the Keynote presentation on Thursday afternoon, as the OLE came to an end.

During her Keynote presentation she will focused on the student’s guiding principles:

  • Professionalism
  • Accountability
  • Confidence
  • Empowerment

PACE for the lifetime of your career in veterinary medicine. 4 Guiding Principles

Thank you, Zach Croslin (SAVMA President) for the wonderfully incredible opportunity!



On June 6, 2017 we gathered for a class on “Respond, Don’t React: Empowering Managers to Embrace Courageous Conversations.”  It was a wonderful evening with Rebecca Rose, CVT as the discussion centered around challenges and benefits in conflict, understanding that avoidance doesn’t work, as much as we may want to do it!

In addition, Misha Schryer, financial adviser from Wealth Strategies Group, gave a brief talk about how to be financially empowered and covered the 4 cornerstone steps to building wealth, leaving us with a 10% challenge!

Misha presented on financial assistance.


May 16-18, 2017 – Phoenix, Arizona.  The Arizona VMA hosts CATALST for its 3rd Certificate Class in Professionalism. We enjoyed three days of engaged discussion around topics such as communication, interpersonal skills and staying power.

Day 1 – Alumni Class

Day 2 – Managers hold discussions in smaller groups



Day 3 – Entire Team

Day 3 – Smaller groups define “professionalism”





The group with the personal preference of caffeinated beverages in the morning.


Day 3 – another break out group.


April 2017 – Rebecca provides a class at Cheyenne Mountain Animal Hospital in Colorado Springs on individual personalities and how understanding it can assist with communication.

Rebecca presents on Veterinary Team personal preferences and how it assists with communication.

Rebecca adds humor and fun in her lectures.

The group breaks into smaller groups to discuss specific issues in veterinary team communication.





April 2017 – Rebecca visits with the VBMA Groups at the University of Illinois and Purdue. They discussed profitability and how to leverage veterinary team members.

University of Purdue veterinary students, experienced veterinary technicians and veterinary technician students engage in lively conversations around team development and leveraging.

Rebecca speaks to Purdue veterinary students about time management, team leveraging and profitability.










March 2017 – Rebecca visits Iron Mountain Animal Hospital in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to facilitate a program in client service, communication skills and trust.