Team Workshops

Workshops for Veterinary Teams


CATALYST VetPC develops custom workshops designed to meet the specific needs of your veterinary practice. If you don’t find your topic of interest on the list, contact CATALYST VetPC to discuss your specific training & development needs. Chances are, CATALYST VetPC has it!

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PROFESSIONALISM = Professional Attitude: Own It!
TEAM WELLNESS = Stressors & Relievers: How to Combat Burn Out and Compassion Fatigue
HEALTHY COMMUNICATION = Courageous Conversations: Addressing Team Issues Productively
Career Choices Within the Veterinary Practice
Time Flies: Unless You Manage It!
Call 911! Disaster Preparedness for Veterinary Hospitals
Social Media: Tips, Tricks and Tribulations
Team Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility: Delving into OSHA Requirements
Veterinary Technician Specialist: How to Become One
Note: some workshops may be eligible for supportive CE for CVT certification through CACVT.

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