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CATALYST provides conventional educational formats and workshops for veterinary team members combined with conventions or in-hospital training. View and register for upcoming events.

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April 25th CSU VBMA


Effective Veterinary Team Communications; A key to building a team 
Description:  Success in your career (regardless of your role on the veterinary team) comes from effectively communicating. There is no one greater skill that will boost your career and job satisfaction. As a new veterinarian, how do you engage and establish a relationship with the team, allowing for trust, synergy and teamwork? Attend the VBMA dinner meeting on April 25th to get the answers!

October 5th, 2018

North Dakota Veterinary Technician Association Annual Conference, Bismarck, ND  

Rebecca Rose, CVT


1) Career Choices for Veterinary Technicians within Veterinary Hospitals

2) Professionalism, Own It!

3) Courageous Conversations; Avoidance Doesn’t Work

4) Stressors & Relievers: How to Combat Burn Out and Compassion Fatigue


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August 6th - 8th WVC Veterinary Technician Symposium

Western Veterinary Conference, Oquendo Center, Las Vegas, NV

Career coaching, veterinary technicians living well challenge and well-being kick-off! Let the Symposium BEGIN!

Rebecca will open the sessions with an engaging hour focusing on personal well-being, identifying stressors and relievers. Then attendees will participate in a challenge encouraging healthy choices while attending the symposium. Plus individual career coaching helping to establish a path leading towards personal and professional satisfaction.



September 20th ColoVMA Fall Convention-Practice Management Workshop

Embassy Suites, Loveland, CO

Retaining and Attracting Quality Veterinary Team Members

You read on social threads and in journals about the shortage of trained, qualified veterinary team members, but what are the reasons? We understand the need because managers are continually on the look-out for loyal veterinary team members. Now, let’s define solutions! National and local statistics point to demand, and during the workshop we dive deep into these numbers. Is attrition due to salary, or are there other reasons people leave the practice and the industry? Together we will explore team attrition and retention. Plus offer suggestions in attracting team members for the long haul. Join us for an interactive workshop, designed to be thought provoking, full of tangible resources and FUN! For those registering, there will be reading materials and an anonymous survey to customize discussion in team turnover and retention for the attendees.

September 28th WSVMA & WSVTA Annual Convention

Greater Tacoma Convention and Trade Center, Tacoma, WA

Continuing to elaborate on the VetMed Matters conversation started in February with veterinarians, practice managers will participate in classes focusing on veterinary team attrition and retention.

Titles include:
Should I stay or should I GO? Why veterinary teams leave veterinary practices

Is it really ALL about the money or just an excuse to leave a bad culture?

Solutions in veterinary team retention; defining Best Practices in Team Retention

Hiring strategy, it’s more than a job announcement!

October 7th IAAHPC

Tempe, AZ

Let’s get to it! Let’s talk about the title veterinary nurse and leveraging the team utilizing tele-medicine tools.

Rebecca will roll out the latest information regarding the veterinary nurse initiative and facilitate a discussion in telehealth and telemedicine as it relates to pet hospice and palliative care. This is surely to be a LIVELY conversation!


November 10th Illinois Veterinary Medical Association

Tinley Park, IL

Join Rebecca as she engages everyone on the veterinary team during the Illinois Veterinary Medical Association Annual Convention.

Topics for the day include:

  • Team trust and profitability
  • Why veterinary team members leave practice and the industry
  • Defining veterinary team culture
  • Best Practices in team retention
  • Hiring for the long haul


April 1st 2019 Arizona's Certificate in Professionalism

The Arizona Health Care of Arizona, with the support of the Arizona Veterinary Medical Association, is rolling out the 4th Certificate Program in Professionalism! Veterinary teams from throughout the state have completed the course encouraging their fellow teammates to participate and finish the valuable program.

Rebecca Rose is an energetic, engaging and knowledgeable speaker who uses her years of experience in veterinary hospitals to help the audience understand how their specific hospital problems are usually quite common and have practical solutions. Very beneficial content for any level of the veterinary team.    –Phoenix, Manager