1-Hr CE Courses

Individual, 1-Hr RACE Courses

Pre-Recorded LIVE Webinar, VetMed Career Academy, Careers for Veterinary Technicians and Team within and beyond veterinary practice. Special introductory price. (no RACE approval at this time)






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Have you completed the FREE, unsexy, SMART Goals Lesson, yet?!

Choosing two courses to build out, at first.

Courses will include a video recording, notes, a list of resources and worksheet exercises. Applying for AAVSB RACE Approval.

Personal Growth Topics

  • Time Flies Unless You Manage It
  • Crafting your Personal Values, Vision & Mission
  • Courageous Conversations; Respond, Don’t React
  • Grow Your Self-Awareness; Improve your EI
  • Buck Naked Vulnerability; Let’s Talk Trust & Showing Up
  • The Illusion of Perfection
  • Take your M.E.D.S! Veterinary Team Self-Car
  • 4 Tips for Developing a Regimen for Self-Care

Professional Development Topics 

  • Professionalism, Own IT!
  • Pet Health Insurance Saves Lives
  • Name it to Tame IT! Stressors and Relievers (differentiate between compassion fatigue & burnout)
  • Cracking the Code of Employee Engagement
  • Career Choices for Veterinary Professionals
  • How Best to Measure (and IMPROVE) Team Wellbeing
  • Leveraging your Team to its MAX!
  • Debriefing does a Team GOOD!
  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs about Money
  • Giving the Gift of Feedback
  • The Secret to Happy Team Members
  • The Art of Managing
  • The Heart of Leadership

Team Building Topics 

  • Designing In-Hospital Team Training – 4 Tips to Implementation
  • Team Building for Heroes
  • ROCK Your Onboarding!
  • Tips for Peaceful Holidays