4 Pillars Healthy Career WSAVT

WSAVT Wellbeing Workshop

4 Pillars in Building a Sustainable, Healthy Career

April 18th, 10:00 – 2:00 Mtn Time

Wellbeing Workshop for WSAVT members and teams.

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  1. Social – A Sense of Purpose; Driven by Values & Guiding Principles
  2. Emotional- Self-Care Regimen for Veterinary Professionals
  3. Spiritual – Mindfulness & Gratitude Changes Everything
  4. Environmental – Express Yourself; Strengthening Psychological Safety

CATALYST VetPC Blogs supporting the course topics

  1. Defining Professional Values for Career Success 
  2. Self-Care Tips for Veterinary Professionals
  3. Mindful Breathing; 10-minutes to a better you
  4. Stop the Mass Exodus; Courageous Conversations 
  5. Driven by Drama or Gratitude  
  6. VPN Veterinary Team Insights, Mindful Breathing 10-Minutes a Day Can Lead to Better Health