4 Tips to Owning a Professional Attitude

October 8, 2015

4 Tips for Owning a Professional Attitude

You wake up early, jump out of bed, eat a great breakfast, pack yourself a nutritious lunch, envision the day ahead of you, and take your dog for a walk before you head out the door to your veterinary practice. You are setting yourself up for success each and every day! GOOD FOR YOU!
That’s the first tip to owning a professional attitude:
Tip #1: Be Prepared
Prepare for your day with a spring in your step, envisioning the day ahead of you, and fuel for your body.
Tip #2: Self-Confidence
Self-confidence is manifested from knowing who you are. That sounds a bit cliché; however, it is the foundation of all successful, professional individuals. “Know thyself” is more difficult than one initially imagines. Understanding your own limitations, weaknesses, “Achilles heel,” strengths, interests, and passions will enhance your self-confidence. Continuing to grow in your skill sets and stepping beyond your comfort zone affirms you can do it!
Tip #3: Courteous
Being courteous speaks volumes. Saying “Thank you,” “I apologize” and “You are welcome” is courteous and the right thing to do. Add a bit of true sincerity and you have shown professionalism in its simplest form. For example, in a veterinary hospital, assisting an elderly pet owner by walking their dog to the car is courteous. When a client gives you a compliment, respond with, “Thank you,” shrugging or no response at all is rude. When a sales representative praises you for the increase in revenue say, “You are welcome.” This may seem too simple of a concept; however how many times in a day do you miss the opportunity for a courteous response or reply?
Tip #4: Goal-oriented
Success looks different for everyone, however, individuals who write out goals, identify projects, create a weekly plan, and share their visions will manifest their dreams/goals. Effective self-management includes both big picture vision and details.
When you state you are making plans to do something you add it to your “Gotta Achieve It” list, write it down.  Generate a timeline, break down the goal into bite-size pieces, and set your sight on accomplishing the goal. Follow through shows professionalism. Achieving goals, either personal or work-related, creates trust. When you hold yourself accountable and follow through on your own dreams, goals, and projects, you are seen as a professional.
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Steve Covey has this to say about weekly planning and self-management, “It helps you to create balance in your life. It helps you rise above the limitations of daily planning and organize and schedule in the context of the week. And when a higher value conflicts with what you have planned, it empowers you to use your self-awareness and your conscience to maintain integrity to the principles and purposes you have determined are most important. Instead of using a road map, you’re using a compass.”
You are challenged to increase your professionalism by preparing for your day, improving your self-confidence, being courteous, and achieving goals. Consider designing a professional mantra with your veterinary team. What traits do you and your team feel are components of a professional?
Identify 4 Professional Tips your team can embrace and improve upon.
Yours in Professional Attitude,
Rebecca Rose, CVT
Certified Career Coach
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