5 Star Challenge-Exercise in Veterinary Team Professionalism

February 7, 2017

Who’s game? Enter Drawing to Win $200!!
Let’s make this REALLY FUN! If you would like to receive $200.00
towards your 5 Star experience, send us pictures from the meal. In
addition, include a one or two page write-up on what you learned and
how this improved your team’s understanding of professionalism and
client service.
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On July 4th, we will randomly select from the veterinary hospitals that have taken us up on this offer to experience an extraordinary team training.

Lake Huron Team’s 5 Star ExperienceLake Huron Team 5 Star

   We recently took our three Michigan teams out for some fancy dress-up dinners.  We spent a bit of time talking about professional dress and discussing how our image impacts those who see us out and about. We discussed business casual wear and appropriate dress for conferences.We spent much of the meal discussing the service staff.
   We were at one of the fanciest restaurants in Port Huron, Michigan and we noted that while the table and the atmosphere felt like it, there was some
lacking in the food.  My team mentioned that the crab legs were
under-cooked and rubbery.  We discussed how the cost of the meal gave
us expectations of delicious food and while only one person was
disappointed with the meal all of us were impacted in our experience. We went on to discuss the presentation of the wait staff.  They were helpful and knowledgeable.  We were given drink suggestions and when one drink went amiss, a replacement drink was suggested and brought for our doctor without anyone having to ask.  We discussed how in the past, we have had waitstaff reply “great choice” or ” very good” to a meal choice and that has made us feel justified in our choices and set us up to enjoy the meal.  In this case, the wait staff missed that opportunity.
   We discussed that we could easily do the same by agreeing when a client chooses great care.  “Pre-surgical bloodwork, absolutely that is a great idea.”  As opposed to expecting clients to choose gold standard care, we commend them for it as well.We discussed that plates were clinked when taken from the table.  This is analogous to us discussing client choices or client interactions within ear shot of a client.
   We spent some time on discussing how we can ensure that no conversations like this are heard and how to be discreet.Our practice manager in Port Huron is truly a mastermind at how to cater to the client-patient bond.  She calls owners “pet parents” and writes all of her email blasts to the pets telling them to bring their owners to the clinic.  It is the little touches that this clinic is particularly great at. If I were to rank them, they are already a five star experience.
   We also spent a fair bit of time getting to know each other out of work.  My assistant and I only to travel to Michigan to meet with our teams once a quarter so building a tighter team is truly a great use of our time!
Kelly Cronin, CVPM