What’s unique about CATALYST VetPC?

Founded by Rebecca Rose, CVT, CATALYST VetPC believes veterinary hospitals and teams thrive when headshot of Rebecca Rosethere is a healthy work environment cultivated in team development, professionalism, and wellbeing.  This is achieved through career growth, team engagement and maximum leveraging.

We offer  a unique, holistic, and innovative approach to veterinary team professional development.

We simply care about and understand veterinary teams, helping to achieve their highest potential.

Got Stress? High team turnover? Low morale and undefined culture? We can help with all of that!

We offer customized workshops, coaching, team recruitment and in-hospital training focused in veterinary team development, retention and wellbeing. We provide the platform to discuss burnout, compassion fatigue, conflict and resolution and interpersonal skills. We create ACTION PLANS bringing common goals and purpose to fruition.

Values, Vision, and Mission

TeamworkMission: To assist veterinary teams in reaching their highest potential, creating a fulfilling, sustainable career delivering extraordinary patient and client care.

Vision: Support & inspire all veterinary teams, assisting them in reaching their highest potential personally and professionally.

Values: We value relationships, empowerment, authenticity, team wellbeing, innovation, trust, and time.

We have “been there, done that!”  We thoroughly enjoy sitting with veterinarians, managers and team members (preferably over a cup of coffee), sharing stories, expertise and knowledge devising a plan for ACTION in professional development, retention and wellbeing.

How can we help you and your team THRIVE?

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How can we help you and your team not just survive, but THRIVE?

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