Values, Vision & Mission

Mission: To paw through the fluff to get to the heart of sabotage, procrastination and limiting beliefs in order for veterinary professionals and teams to reach their highest potential. #lovingdisruption

Vision: Inspire and be inspired with passionate, committed veterinary professionals and teams moving to ACTION. #liveinspired

We Value: relationships, trust, courage, authenticity, wellbeing, humor, and time. #courageoustrust

What’s unique about CATALYST VetPC?

Rebecca is not afraid to tackle your difficult challenges head-on! She listens to your struggles, digs deep into your circumstances (AKA baggage) and has felt your pain because, with over 30 years of veterinary professional experience (and 5 fun-filled, daring decades), she has lived it ALL!

What is most pressing or challenging for you or your team, right now? Tell us more! We are here to support you or your team.

Rebecca Rose, CVT, founded CATALYST VetPC in the belief veterinary professionals thrive when there is a clearly defined mission, understood vision and values-based in truth. A life, career and healthy work environment cultivated in personal growth, professional development and wellbeing.  This is achieved through a high level of commitment, clarity and accountability.

We offer you a proven process in defining your needs, wants and vision with the tools to make it happen.

Your life, career and wellbeing in VetMed is important to us.

We simply care about you. We understand veterinary professionals and teams.

  • Got Stress?
  • Fear of uncertainty?
  • Depressed because you can’t let go of the past?
  • Anxious because you live too much in the future?
  • Few tools in your toolbox?

We can help with all of that!

We offer on-demand courses, group mastermind embracing the collective synergy, VIP Coaching and free resources focused on career development, personal growth and wellbeing. We create ACTION PLANS bringing goals and purpose to fruition.

We have “been there, done that!”  We thoroughly enjoy sitting with veterinarians, managers and team members (preferably over a cup of coffee or crafted brew), sharing stories, expertise and knowledge devising a plan for ACTION in professional development, personal growth and wellbeing.

How can we help you and your team THRIVE?

How can we help you and your team not just survive, but THRIVE?

Take the First Step and schedule a FREE 15-minute Discovery Call or start an email exchange. Tell us your specific challenges so we can meet your coaching needs.