Monthly Focus

Veterinary Team Development, monthly focus

Themes to keep us on Track!

There is an abundance of knowledge. To help simplify the content, we have selected monthly themes.

You will see these topics reflected in our blogs, webinars, and any other general publications. However, we reserve the right to change our minds as other exciting issues emerge.

Then in each month there is a more focused theme, allowing for deeper exploration and empowering conversations.

If you have something specific you’d like addressed, please contact us.

2020, Second Quarter 

May, Veterinary Team Efficiency; Making the Grade (no more “F’s”)

June, Change Management; Morph, Storm, Norm, Perform evolution 

July, Emotional Intelligence, Expressing Gratitude  

August, Productive Team Meetings providing a plethora of resources in going from a gripe session, quiet as mice to productive and interactive meetings.

September, Elevating Soft Skills is HARD! Focus on Words Matter, Listen, be polite and full of gratitude. 

Q1 2020

January, Courageous Conversations: Defining personal Values in a way to express needs, personally and professionally.

February, Building Better Teams: Veterinary team accountability, the answer is within you!

March, Wellbeing KISS it: Keep it Simple Silly, forward to the basics.  Consider Work/Life Blend. TAKE ACTION!

April, Veterinary Team Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility.