Monthly Focus

Veterinary Team Development, monthly focus

Themes to keep us on Track!

There is an abundance of content within our CATALYST VetPC pages. To help simplify the content, we have selected monthly themes.

You will see these topics reflected in our blogs, webinars, and other publications. However, when other exciting arise, we reserve the right to change our minds to run with a relevant, timely topic.

The focuses allow for deeper exploration and empowering conversations.

If you have something specific you’d like addressed, please contact us.

Welcome to 2021! 

Q1 2021  

February, Emotional Wellbeing; Self-Love – Mindset in Sustainability   

March, Suicide Prevention Training; Help, my co-worker has confided in me, what do I do? 

Q2 2021

April, Veterinary Team Appreciation (Boss’ Day)  

May, Self-Care (Emotional) Regimen for Veterinary Professionals

June, The Trauma of it ALL; Occupational Hazard!  

Q3 2021

July, Body, Mind, Spirit; Embracing your Team’s Kaleidoscope of Colors – DEER Charter 

                          CATALYST VetPC celebrates 7 yrs! 

August, Social Wellbeing; Pay it Forward 

September, Strategic Thinking- A team approach (Intellectual Wellbeing) 

Q4 2021

October, Environmental – #BreakTheStigma (NVTW Engagement)

November, Gratitude Changes Everything 

December, Movement is Medicine! Check your Physical Wellbeing