Monthly Focus

Veterinary Team Development, monthly focus

Themes to keep us on Track!

There is an abundance of knowledge. To help simplify the content, we have selected monthly themes.

You will see these topics reflected in our blogs, webinars, and any other general publications. However, we reserve the right to change our minds as other exciting issues emerge.

Then in each month there is a more focused theme, allowing for deeper exploration and empowering conversations.

If you have something specific you’d like addressed, please contact us.

2019, the last quarter


Conversations = Client = Keys to client retention and getting the entire team involved.


Help = Mental health & Crisis = This is a sensitive and important topic. Let’s look at it both professionally and personally.


Celebrate = Gratitude = Expressing it in various ways, focusing on specific groups of people: Managers, Team members, Clients, and others.


Conversations = Wellbeing = Discussing improved job satisfaction, thus increased health, through elevating team members and marketing techniques.

Earlier in the Year, 2019


Help = I’m Drowning over here! = Ideas focused around managers and their unique, and often lonely, positions.


Celebrate = Team Building = Fun ways to motivate and build team unity.


Conversations = Challenging Conversations = Oh boy! These are the ones you want to avoid. Explore ideas on how to overcome the dodging.


Help = Team under-utilization = Understanding ideas around the 1999 Mega Study (yes, it’s still relevant!) and how it can help team development


Celebrate = New KPI’s = Looking at key performance indicators in a variety of areas.


Conversations = Loving the Millennials and Gen Zs! = Identifying and connecting with the “younger” generations. How to get them involved early on (through onboarding).


Help = $$ = We are attacking this “taboo” subject with zest as it’s an important one for everyone.


Celebrate = Appreciation / recognition = It’s a two-way street that looks different for each person. So how is it done effectively?