Authentic Self – Bull by the Horns

January 29, 2021

Recall your younger-self, the one who had  the “bull by the horns!”

You obviously are ready to experience more authenticity in your life, connecting with your authentic self, or else you would be reading something else. I am glad you are here and we are doing this, together.

If I were to have an hour with you, together we would have a casual conversation about your day at work. I’d ask,  “How are the kids? What have you done just for ‘fun,’ lately?” And we would feel comfortable in the chit-chat.

As you began to relax and trust, I would nonchalantly ask, “Tell me a story about your days as a child, when you were ten years old. How did you dress? How did you flirt? What did you do? What was the first thing you did once you were home, after school?”

I believe the essence of who we truly are lies in the story of our childhood, during the age of exploration, curiosity, courage, and without the influence (too heavily) of society. Imagine all of you at the age of ten.What made you giggle? Who did you play with? What toys were your favorite? How did you spend your time?

Now, the age of thirteen. Similar idea. Tell me about your fears, your triumphs, your loves, and your losses?

Now, the age of sixteen. Conjure up your swagger, your hair tossing, your “bull-by-the-horns cockiness,” or your feelings of insecurity. How did the world feel to you? What were your dreams? What were your aspirations?

Take the time, now, to grab a piece of paper, take a pen in hand, and write out your story. Paint me a picture. Tell me your thoughts from the point of view as yourself at the age of ten, thirteen or sixteen.

That’s connecting with your authentic self. That’s identifying your strengths. You have a picture of the fun-loving, curious, inspiring child that dwells in you and is EAGER to be set FREE to help you face the world as an adult.

Go ahead, hug, embrace, grab each other’s hand and step into the world, ALIVE, connected, and supported by your authentic self! You can DO IT! Whatever IT is!

Yours in embracing and hugging your authentic self,

Rebecca Rose, CVT, Certified Career Coach