#BeatTheStigma #BreakTheStigma

Your interest in your team’s personal and professional wellbeing is admirable. Thank you!

First, view the short introduction to #BeatTheStigma. Then continue to open and use the resources listed below.

Thank you, Dr. Becky Krull and Rebecca Rose, CVT for facilitating the important conversation.

Second, view the 30-minute video recording. Consider it your very own Lunch & Learn in destigmatizing the challenges veterinary team members may experience in maintaining their mental health. We prefer to focus on the positive solutions and resources available to managers.

Resources mentioned in the Lunch & Learn video

Employee Assistant Programs – 4-Part Series

AVMA list Peer Assitance ProgramsState Wellbeing Programs

NAVTA Veterinary Team Wellbeing

Postvention Guide for Veterinary Workplaces After a Suicide

Attributing organizations, AFSP, AVMA, VHMA, NAVTA, VMAE, AAVMC