Breakthrough Limiting Beliefs – Money Quotient

January 19, 2021

SHATTER & BREAKTHROUGH the limiting beliefs you have about money! It’s a mindset, therefore it is within your control to evaluate and improve upon.

One BS story may be, “Clients are unwilling to pay for their pet’s veterinary care.”

OR “Nobody makes any money working in a veterinary hospital.”

What BS story are you telling yourself. Take a BS Story survey to determine your commitment to your career and financial success.

Money Quotient (MQ) Worksheet

It is good to identify your personal relationship with money and how to manage it. When speaking with veterinary team members, I suggest that money is neither good or evil, it is a tool. Learning how to manage it as a tool may help them see it in a positive light. As we know, some people manage money better than others. It is a learned skill that can be improved upon.

A Money Quotient (MQ) is created by the combination of the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) which is the knowledge of how money works, and the Emotional Quotient (EQ) which is the understanding of the emotional aspects of money.


MQ is being fully aware about the concept of money, your relationship with it; emotional awareness, money management and stewardship. Intelligent Quotient + Emotional Quotient = Money Quotient.

Here are a few questions to answer about your idea, feelings, concept and attitude towards money.

What is your Money Quotient? Answer these questions as candidly as you can. You are not sharing them with anyone and if you cheat on the answers by not being truthful, you are only cheating on yourself.

As a young adult, how often did your parents speak with you about the management and stewardship of money?

What did they have to say (in casual conversations) about money?

Currently, in your life as an adult, how do you manage your money?

How can you improve upon financial stewardship?

What can you do, tomorrow, to manage your finances, better?

On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being I don’t believe in the statement, 5 being I strongly believe in the statement) circle the most appropriate answer:

      1. Money comes freely and easily                 1              2              3              4              5
      2. People who have money are greedy         1              2              3              4              5
      3. Spend less than you earn                            1              2              3              4              5
      4. Making money is hard                                 1              2              3              4              5
      5. I manage my money well                             1              2              3              4              5
      6. Money is a tool, a resource, to be manage 1              2              3              4              5
    1. I am a money magnet and I manage it judiciously 1              2              3              4              5

The way we view and feel about money is a mindset and can be altered and trained. As an example;

If you strongly believe in the statement “spend less than you earn,” that is a statement of lack and is setting you up for failure. It is a limiting belief. To retrain the mindset in a creation of abundance; believe and feel good about the statements “earn more than you spend.”  See how that sets up for abundance?

In the example of a veterinary hospital, “tighten our belts and control expenses” is a limiting approach to financial stewardship (it may save you a few pennies here and there, but not the answer!). The positive approach is to “increase services and offer an extraordinary experience! “

Consider sharing this worksheet with your team at an upcoming meeting, after you have offered them some quality reading material on money and financial stewardship. Start with a couple of the previous blogs to support your team in lower risk to higher risk conversations. I suggest introducing the reading material in this fashion:

  1. Veterinary Practice News; Overcoming Limiting Beliefs about Money
  2. CATALYST VetPC Blog; Three Tips to Financial Stewardship 

Now, back to the original question, with pen in hand, write out your BS story line about money, now turn it around into a positive, productive mindset. Post it on your mirror, or in your locker at work, or paste to the front to your car’s dash and start retraining your brain.

Money Quotient is a mindset, define yours!

Rebecca Rose, CVT, Certified Career Coach



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