Words have Power. Speak Life!

May 29, 2018

Do you speak life into others or do you use your words to do harm? By Guest Blogger, Dr. Courtney S. Diehl Barns are a perfect place for gathering, for en..

Conflict Resolution – A Must Have!

September 20, 2017

Death, taxes and conflict – all are inevitable. If you’re like most veterinary professionals, you probably prefer death and taxes over conflict! Accord..

I ask. I get CRICKETS! Veterinary Team Communications

February 7, 2017

Sometimes it can be difficult to get the veterinary team to communicate and open up when asked to engage. “I ask my team, ‘What do you want?..

Effective Veterinary Team Communications

January 10, 2017

Your veterinary team may benefit from reviewing the basics in effective communication. “What we have here is… failure to communicate,” states Captain..