Express Yourself; The Art of Effective Negotiations

May 4, 2020

Most people find the thought of negotiating a pay raise or setting a salary nerve-racking at the least. You are doing yourself (and your team) a disservice..

Emergency Planning is Critical for Veterinary Hospitals

April 5, 2020

Emergency Planning is Critical for Veterinary Hospitals, Too “Quick, there’s a fire. Call 911!” The very thought of a disaster within your veterinary..

Brave Veterinary Teams Take Care of Yourself

April 2, 2020

Thank you brave, compassionate veterinary team members providing essential, healing care. Your deeds are heroic! You are HEROS! Forever grateful. Take care..

3 of 180 Biases; Test Assumptions

February 16, 2020

180 Biases; Testing assumptions to improve accountability Part II As outlined in 4 Tips for Personal Accountability, self-management improves accountabilit..