You wanted a career in veterinary medicine to heal pets. How is it going?

We understand there are many obstacles in your way blocking you or your team from reaching the highest potential. What is the vision for your career or your team?

Do any of these statements apply?

  • Nowhere to turn for help
  • Feeling overwhelmed and strapped
  • Lack of vision for my professional career and life
  • I’m so busy, spinning my wheels
  • Need to create a fulfilling, sustainable career
  • I’m seeking a Coach for support in management and leadership in small business
  •  Project support – where / how do I start?

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You may already understand the value of VPI Coaching 1-to-1, individual coaching sessions.

How are you doing? Short Questionnaire 

You are encouraged to download, print and fill out you “How you doing?” Questionnaire. Simply putting your thoughts (feelings) to words can be powerful. Name it to Tame IT!

How you doing Questionnaire 1

Not sure that coaching is right for you?

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CATALYST VetPC develops custom coaching experiences designed to meet your specific needs. We can develop an effective action plan to help you solve your most pressing problems.

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