Coaching Types

Different types of Coaching

Not a one-size-fits-all approach

Each type is customized to meet your needs

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Popular sessions – not an all-inclusive list!

colorful swishCareers in Veterinary medicine

Discussing where are now, where want to go. Use tools like career road map

colorful swishCoaching to hire

  • Defining the steps they need to take: job description, job ad, interview questions
  • Things to think of (backgd checks, financial checks, driving record – depends on job). Etc.
  • Will review what is in place and make suggestions, will not write actual content

colorful swishManager Mentoring

colorful swishCareer Coaching

colorful swishWhat goes into an Employee Handbook

colorful swish

Hiring Audit = Everything you know about hiring - forget!

Gone are the days of throwing together an ad, posting in the paper, and waiting for awesome candidates to beat down your door.

There are good and bad ways in seeking out ideal team members. When hiring, much of the work is done before you even place the job announcement.

Are you willing to evaluate and improve your process?

Here is a quick overview of some areas CATALYST VetPC would evaluate and/or offer suggestions and ideas for improvement:

  • Culture: Are you attractive to the job seeker? Do you already have an awesome team?  Good people won’t be attracted to a toxic environment.
  • Job Description: Are you really hiring the correct position?
  • Job Posting: What makes your practice stand out?
  • Cover Letter and Resume Review: What are the red flags?
  • Interviewing: What qualities are you seeking and what questions do you need to find them?
  • Consistency: Is the hiring team conducting themselves appropriately during the process?

Having an outside source evaluate your process will save time and energy in the long run. We set you up for success not only now but well into the future.

colorful swishFinance – create a budget

colorful swishProject coaching

Help get you started on those pesky projects or provide ideas when you’ve hit a wall

colorful swishLeadership

# Individuals



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