Consider Your Career Satisfaction

December 7, 2017

Be Honest – Consider Your Career Satisfaction

Honing your “perfect” career starts with defining your valuesCareer Satisfaction-Values


December is a great time to reflect back on 2017 and to look forward and plan for 2018.  Visit our Blog for some questions and thoughts to assist you with this process.

Whether you have been working within veterinary medicine for a while or just stepping into the community, there are a few tips and tricks that may help you find greater satisfaction or help you land the ideal position at the best veterinary hospital / job for YOU.

If you are perfectly content and happy with your current state of employment, read no further.  HOWEVER, if you (or “someone you know”) could benefit from assessing individual career satisfaction and professional values, read on.

During the month of December, we are creating a 3-part series in looking at tangible steps to assist you in identifying your career fit or finding more job fulfillment where you are:

  • First, we suggest you do some soul searching to determine your personal and professional values.
  • Then consider what you are seeking in your career within the veterinary practice (e., what are the major components you require to be content in your position).
  • Finally, if you are seeking new employment, set expectations on what to identify for the interviewing process in order to land that “perfect” job for you.

Part 1 = Begin with Your Values

Whether you are evaluating ways to improve your current state of employment or job hunting, it all begins by determining your personal and professional values. This is where the soul searching starts and you determine what you want in your career or if your job is truly a good fit for you.

You may simply initiate the process by answering the questions below. As you begin the creative exercise, allow your thoughts and suggestions to flow, without boundaries. Allow for real brainstorming to occur, because when you express yourself, authentically, you can create a dynamic career.

Be BOLD, Be BRIGHT, Be COURAGEOUS in writing your thoughts.

Writing thoughtsConsider what you believe about being a veterinary professional and team member, as well as how you serve pets and pet owners. Some examples of commonly shared values include: I believe in providing the best veterinary medicine to every pet that walks in the door; I believe that each day it is my responsibility to give my best for the pet, pet owner and veterinary team; I believe in trustworthiness; I believe in continually learning and training.

  1. In regards to:
    1. serving pets, I believe….
    2. serving veterinary clients, I believe…
    3. being a part of an efficient, skillful veterinary team, I believe….
    4. my personal passion, I believe…
    5. my personal wellbeing, I believe….
  2. I hold _____________________ in high regard when it comes to my personal time.
  3. I hold _____________________ in high regard when it comes to providing veterinary care.

Now that you have identified these, hold true to your values! Do these values align with your current team and philosophy in delivering veterinary medicine? If “yes,” that is GREAT!! If you answered, “not so much,” how does that impact your career satisfaction. How can you find common ground and shared values?

If you are looking to find a veterinary hospital and team that aligns with your values, they are written down and tangible. Hold true to your values!

Next week we will consider what you are seeking in your career within the veterinary practice.