Exploring Accountability and Biases to Enhance Leadership

September 9, 2019

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Lack of Leadership? Lack of Direction?

The ANSWER is in YOU!

Exploring accountability and biases to enhance leadership


Regardless of your title, you lead your own life and career. This is elevated to another level when you manage and lead others.

Find resources to evaluate your leadership skills in order to control your day and desired outcomes.

Before becoming a good leader of others and yourself, you must first look in the mirror. This course provides useful exercises to help you “look within.”

Addressing accountability, personal habits and self-awareness establishes a pattern for leadership. Natural biases (“baggage”) shape how you view situations. Understanding the influence of biases (consciously and unconsciously) impacts how you respond.

Finally, by leading through example, there will be a paradigm shift.

It’s all about YOU! Take steps to lead your own life and career.


  • Explore personal habits and set measurable goals
  • Identify cognitive biases and see how they influence responses
  • Obtain tangible ways and apply concepts in leading through example


  • Increasing self-awareness in accountability
  • Recognizing and testing cognitive biases
  • Become a value-driven, responsible leader