Daily Inspiration and Gratitude

November 26, 2018

Amidst Holiday Chaos, reach for Inner Joy  

You have memories of the holidays going way back to your childhood. Traditions that molded and created you into the adult you are today. You may recall “spreading good cheer,” and spending precious time with family and friends. The holidays were seen as inspiring and fun. The challenge I see, these days, is keeping the holidays captivating in a child-like way, inspiring and full of gratitude.

One memory I vividly recall is my father referring to Christmas as “Commerce Day.” I agreed with him, even at the young age of nine. Our holidays were purposefully designed as “low-key” and intimate. Gifts were exchanged from the heart (most often handcrafted, baked, and simple).

My father was also a gift giver and inspiring each day of his life. That is the legacy and tradition he has left in me. My mother is a daily gift giver as well. Apparently I am doubly inspired in that way.

I prefer to “spread good cheer” all year long. I prefer to build relationships, foster networking, and sit down with a friend and industry partner throughout the year, engaging, encouraging and inspiring. Often times exchanging ideas and gifts. How about you?

Please understand, I am ALL about the Holidays in regards to family traditions, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I may be one of the most excited, grown women you will ever meet when it comes to participation in family traditions. I prefer to keep it simple, heartfelt, and genuine. I still prefer handcrafted gifts, handwritten cards, baked goods, and keeping things authentic. AND I prefer gift giving and inspiring, daily.

During this busy time of the year, don’t forget to reach for the inner joy that you experienced as a child. Embrace ALL the wonder of the Holidays. You may be awestruck by the historical lights shining on Main Street in your hometown. Or choose to participate, or even better yet, coordinate a group of people for an evening of Caroling! How about inviting friends over to build and decorate Gingerbread Houses?

Wishing you and your team a memorable and delightful Holiday Season filled with inspiration, today and throughout the year.

Embrace the Wonder,

Rebecca Rose, CVT