Ping – Disconnecting Tips for your Vacation

December 23, 2020

FOMO? Is that why you are unable to disconnect from work while you are on vacation? Do you have a fear of missing out? Is what your teammates are doing (or not doing) that big of a driver in your life?

Maybe you don’t trust your team to do it right (whatever right is) while you are gone. What is the reason for you responding to emails, text messages or other pings, dings or dongs?  The dopamine hit may not be serving you nor is the sense of “who needs me, now,” or “they are a wreck when I am gone.”

What camp do you reside in:

  1. Ping, I am needed!
  2. Ding, who loves me, now?!
  3. Dong, what’s happening?!
  4. Bing, leave me alone!

The reality is, creating a habit of disconnecting is the healthier choice. I know, old habits are difficult to break.

I Double Dog Dare you to disconnect!

Veterinary teams benefit from totally disconnecting during vacations and over weekends.

We are “connected” in various ways through a long list of electronic apps, equipment, and continual bombardment of “pings, dings and dongs.” When was the last time you turned off the background noise to embrace peace and solitude? One of my favorite vacations was to Lake Powell where there is absolutely NO cell service!

In two days we drive over the mountains and through the woods to visit my grandson for Christmas. He is a little over one year of age so this holiday is especially full of wonder for him. I can hardly wait to experience the festivities through his awe and surprise!

Today I have made the commitment to leave my computer at home for four days which is a big step in disconnecting! As soon as I finish writing this Blog the out-of-office settings will be loaded on all three of my emails. My phone settings will make it difficult to hop on the internet, reply to Facebook comments, and write Instagram posts. I will have to make a conscious decision to override the downtime parameters decreasing my screen time.

I realize that phones are incredible computers (having the same amount of technology as the spaceships landing on the moon!), but it can be difficult to disconnect, especially when we reach to the phone to check work-related emails, follow up with a client or can’t help but “check in.”

Team members may feel they are missing out (FOMO). Missing out on the “team haps,” but really (in the big scheme of things) it’s better for your psychological health to step away fully and completely. Your team will be just fine without you and you can create your own haps! Get your dopamine hits in some other fashion rather than waiting with bated breath for the next text message or ping.

5 Critical Reasons to Disconnect

  1. Lower stress
  2. Improve relationships
  3. Be better at your job (when you return)
  4. Combat unhealthy emotions
  5. Establish healthy boundaries

5 Ways to Unplug 

  1. Give your brain a different (new) problem to solve; play a complex board game or feast on a new recipe
  2. Put your phone down or  celebrate when you haven’t used it for 1/2 day or longer
  3. Set work-related notices, emails, slack OFF
  4. Turn off all push notifications
  5. Leave your laptop in the trunk of your care or in the office (in my case, at home while I am in Durango)

These are just a few concepts to consider. It’s a great way to support a life and career that is rejuvenating, reconnecting with loved ones this Holiday Season.

Yours in Unplugging,

Rebecca Rose, CVT