Extreme Kindness Veterinary Team Challenge

August 31, 2017

Ever considered Extreme Kindness as a veterinary team sport or challenge? Guest blogger, Gwen Pettit, states, “Appreciate where you are.”

I live in a mountain town, where extreme sports and outdoor adventures are common. People will spend weeks and months getting ready for a local event because they enjoy the challenge and like to be in top physical shape.  I enjoy outside exercise and it does re-energize me by just spending time outside.  I think it is important to recognize and start any exercise program right where you are. Recognize that most of us are not and will not be top competitive athletes.  So rather than compare our performance on anything to the top elite competitors- what if we appreciated ourselves for where we are performing right now.

What if there was a competition for extreme kindness?  What if you had to practice being considerate of others and kind to yourself every day to get ready for this event? Follow the Extreme Kindness Challenge on CATALYST’s Facebook Page. Spread the kindness!

How would you treat yourself if being kind to yourself was the key to success? I am going to define kindness as when you recognize all the positive things in your day and appreciate what you have accomplished. Unkindness would be to point out and focus on any mistake, disappointments or things not done exactly right. Then you would berate yourself for all of them repeatedly.

For extreme kindness week take up this challenge.  Be aware of how much of your talk is positive.  Can you rephrase things to point out the positive side first?

Listen to your self-talk this week and be aware of what you are saying to yourself. How much of your talk is negative? How much of your talk is positive? Do you allow for mistakes and learn from them? Do you review every mistake over and over again feeling worse each time your review it?

Optimism is a key characteristic of resilient people: those people who are good at handling stressful situations.  Looking for the positive aspects in self and others is a way to build up your own internal optimism. Take up the extreme kindness week challenge with a friend and see what you learn.

Need ideas in Kindness? 40 Simple Ways to Practice Kindness

Amazingly when you focus on the positive aspects of your own life, you will find more positive things everywhere.

Be healthy out there!

Gwen Pettit, PCC, MA, MS
Clients who work with Coach Gwen see ideas turn into reality with action steps that fit your busy life.
Gwen coaches busy professional women who are stressed and overwhelmed with competing demands on their time. The mission for Spiral Coaching is to promote the concept that your health depends on being passionate about all aspects of your life not just your profession. You are more than your job or your medical degree.  Gwen’s personal philosophy is learning to put yourself first with self-care and self-compassion will lead you to health, self -development and professional growth.