Sustainability Tips for Savvy Veterinary Team Members

Calculator with graphPersonal Financial Tips

There are times when support personnel leave veterinary hospitals due to low wages and lack of benefits. Can this trend be reversed if veterinary team members were given tools to manage their personal finances?

This has prompted the desire to assist individuals in their management of money to keep team members in the industry.

Contact us to schedule your in-hospital training focusing on personal finances and money management.

Learning Points for Attendees:

  • Understanding veterinary team finances; personal income and expenses
  • Discuss managing money, personal budget and career options within a veterinary practice
  • Identify benefits your company may offer to grow personal assets such as “matching funds”
  • Recognize how compounding interest can assist – aka FREE Money!
  • Living a healthy and purposeful life

Your veterinary team members work 40 hours a week for their money. However, the majority of them never consider how to make their money work for them or consider their money as a tool for success allowing for choices in their lives.

What is money?

Rarely is there a discussion about daily habits of spending money, future plans or retirement. Money is a tool, always has been, always will be, nothing more, nothing less. It has never been evil, it has never been wicked. Money is a good Servant. It is a poor Master.

Today, more than ever, your team needs to understand where their money is coming from (salary, matching funds, compounding interest, etc.) and more importantly where it is going (budget). Identifying the value of benefits, creating a budget and reviewing the effects of maximizing income and minimizing debt will enhance their understanding of personal finances.

shape first stepTake the first step and contact us for a no obligation conversation.  Let’s determine when is the best time to introduce these valuable money concepts to your team.