Five Tips to Enjoy the Holidays

November 1, 2017

The holidays are filled with hustle and bustle. While some might take delight in these exciting times, others may become overwhelmed. Tranquility can be found in the upcoming weeks if you know where to look for it.  The following are tips for a peaceful Holiday.


Finding moments of stillness can be challenging during the months of November and December. You are encouraged to heat a cup of hot chocolate, place a spoonful of whipped topping on it, sprinkle with cinnamon and relax on the couch. Just you and your relaxing, comforting cup of coco, peace and quiet! Recognize the moment as yours and be grateful in it!


Holidays can be a financially stressful time. However, gifts aren’t always tangible. Think about it; a sincere hug, belly laughing with a friend, opening the door for a stranger, and other kind gestures are equally important this time of the year. Being genuine and offering heartfelt acts of kindness spread an abundance of cheer. Who will you hug today? What can you offer openly?


Exercising comes in all shapes and sizes. When schedules become heavily laden, we may consider cutting out the exercise routine to open up some time. It’s not the ideal choice, but it happens. For the next few months consider these effective ways to burn a few calories to offset the eggnog and cream cheese pie:

*While cooking in the kitchen, dance a bit to your cherished holiday songs.

* Take the stairs instead of the elevators or park in the farthest row away from the store’s entrance.

* While standing in line to pay for those gifts, do some knee bends or just walk in place.

* After the holiday dinner, go for a walk around the neighborhood with someone you want to visit with, like a friend or relative.


Recalling some of your beloved holiday memories will surely bring a smile to your face and a song to your heart. Reminisce with family and friends. Recreate the childhood events and maybe even start new traditions.

I vividly recall heading into the mountains with the kids, chopping down our Christmas tree and stuffing it in the trunk of my Honda Accord. Watching A Christmas Carol with Ralphie and the Gang is a classic!

How about making a few, special gifts? Making cookies was and still is a family tradition. My mother still bakes hundreds of them (literally) and puts together the most incredible tins of hand-baked cookies you have ever seen! As children, we would spend many, many hours frosting and decorating all those cookies, oh my! And I still remember it as if it were YESTERDAY!

What are your fondest memories?


Above all, find gratitude in this time and apply the “KISS” principle. By keeping more of your holiday moments simple, I am confident your time will feel far more peaceful.

What are your tips to keep sanity during these days? Please share them with us by replying or posting on our Facebook page.

Yours in holiday spirit,

Rebecca Rose, CVT


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