Future is so BRIGHT, we gotta wear SHADES!

May 15, 2015

shades 2You can envision it; the future is so BRIGHT, we gotta wear SHADES!

This past month a majority of the CATALYST Veterinary Consultant Team met in Denver for their inaugural Innovative Practices gathering. We learned our future is BRIGHT and getting BRIGHTER all the time!

You may be surprised to learn the agenda for the weekend looked very similar to a veterinary hospital’s strategic planning session. We reviewed and updated our Values, Vision, and Mission Statements. We took a look at last year’s budget and discussed cash flow for 2015. Our guest speaker, Kelly Mirabella from Stellar Media Marketing, presented on the impact of Social Media and building relationships. Needless to say, we engaged in the same processes we encourage and guide veterinary hospitals to walk through. All-in-all, it was an inspiring weekend. Many of the team had not met in person and the synergy we felt was incredible!

Thank you for your past and continued support as the CATALYST Team looks to 2015/2016, a future so BRIGHT we gotta wear SHADES!

CAT Team 2015