Group Synergy

How is self-accountability working for you?

Are you obtaining your personal and professional goals?

What!? You’re NOT…..?

We gothchur back!

Power-Up your Lunch Hour! Make your lunch break work for YOU! 11:30 Mtn Time on Weds.

This is by far our most popular option combining the synergy of a mastermind group, your very own tribe of like-minded veterinary professionals, with an abundance of resources. PLUS Rebecca’s regular antics and off-the-wall comments!

You receive:

Mindfulness & Gratitude

  • Stop the chatter in your brain for 30 minutes then get on with your day! Join us Weekday mornings at 7:30 Mtn Time, connecting and engaging, exchanging gratitude and intent for the day.

Weekly Group Synergy Zoom Meeting

  • Power-Up your mid-day by gathering with veterinary professionals and a CATALYST Coach as long as questions are rolling for up to two hours.
  • Bring on the good, tough questions! You may feel you are the only one in your boat but your Coach has been rowing in the VetMed Sea for a long time. Bring it ON! Chances are others in the group don’t have the cajones to ask it so you might as well be the one!
  • Guest Speakers! Watch for a calendar line-up
  • Access to a Large Library of worthwhile personal growth and career development resources in one place
  • If we are unable to handle your questions from the tools in our expansive toolbox, we will find the networking your need.
  • Got questions (sure you do!) Reach out to schedule your free, 15-minute Discovery Call.

Group Synergy Facebook powered by CATALYST VetPC

  • Unlisted #VetMed Coaching LinkedIn Group with other synergistic minds
  • Collective support
  • Review of LinkedIn Profiles 
  • Review cover letters, resumes and job announcements (what is the manager really wanting)
  • Moderated Q&A by CATALYST Coaches, experts in the field of veterinary management and team development

Please fill out the Group Synergy Application Form.

Synergy Group Application

Veterinary professionals interested in joining our Synergy Group, please fill out this simple application to get started. We look forward to connecting with you!
    We are excited to have you join our engaged, synergistic collective! Please choose your level of commitment to your personal and professional development below. Veterinary Teams Living Well take advantage of your 50% savings through the end of May.
  • Participants will be participating in recorded group sessions in order create a library of resources. By acknowledging "yes" below, you agree for your photos/recordings to be used by CATALYST VetPC in resources and possible marketing.