Group Synergy

How is self-accountability working for you?

Are you obtaining your personal and professional goals?

What!? You’re NOT…..?

We gothchur back!

Power-Up your Lunch Hour! Make your lunch break work for YOU! 11:30 Mtn Time on Weds.

This is by far our most popular option combining the synergy of a mastermind group, your very own tribe of like-minded veterinary professionals, with an abundance of resources. PLUS Rebecca’s regular antics and off-the-wall comments!

You receive:

Mindfulness & Gratitude

  • Stop the chatter in your brain for 30 minutes then get on with your day! Join us Weekday mornings at 7:30 Mtn Time, connecting and engaging, exchanging gratitude and intent for the day.

Weekly Group Synergy Zoom Meeting

  • Power-Up your mid-day by gathering with veterinary professionals and a CATALYST Coach as long as questions are rolling for up to two hours.
  • Bring on the good, tough questions! You may feel you are the only one in your boat but your Coach has been rowing in the VetMed Sea for a long time. Bring it ON! Chances are others in the group don’t have the cajones to ask it so you might as well be the one!
  • Guest Speakers! Watch for a calendar line-up
  • Access to a Large Library of worthwhile personal growth and career development resources in one place
  • If we are unable to handle your questions from the tools in our expansive toolbox, we will find the networking your need.
  • Got questions (sure you do!) Reach out to schedule your free, 15-minute Discovery Call.

Group Synergy Facebook powered by CATALYST VetPC

  • Private VetMed Group Synergy Facebook Page with other synergistic minds
  • Collective support
  • Review of LinkedIn Profiles 
  • Review cover letters, resumes and job announcements (what is the manager really wanting)
  • Moderated Q&A by CATALYST Coaches, experts in the field of veterinary management and team development

Please fill out the Group Synergy Application Form.