How to Avoid Potluck Team Members

October 15, 2018

Otherwise, you don’t know what you’re going to get

Why aren’t you doing background checks before hiring team members?

According to the Chronicles September 2018 poll, only 25% of the respondents are currently doing a drug screening and only 29% do background checks.

This is surprisingly low compared to one study that showed 82% of employers in America are doing drug and alcohol testing and 97% are doing criminal searches. Overall, 96% of employers conduct at least one type of background screening (Global HR Research;

Why is our industry so low when almost every clinic member has access to both money and drugs?

When hiring new team members, doing some checking and due diligence on the front end may save some headache in the long run. As mentioned in a previous blog, one clinic found a wonderful practice manager, only to find out she failed the drug screen.

Imagine if the background check wasn’t run and that person started working for the clinic. Maybe nothing would happen. Maybe that person would eventually start taking some money or even the controlled drugs.

Are you willing to take that gamble and potentially jeopardize the clinic? A simple background check could avoid obvious high-risk situations.

Why take time, energy and money to screen candidates?

According to Lori at Guardian Background Screening, the basic answer is:

You want to know you can trust your employees to be productive, honest, and outstanding representatives of your organization.

The following is from her October Newsletter (reprinted with permission).

Many times, your staff and/or volunteers may be the first impression a client has of your organization.  Why risk your reputation? One incident can dissolve all you have worked to build.

The job market across the country is crazy.  One help wanted ad may bring about 200…300…400…or more responses.  Others – the niche they are looking to fill is so specialized that it may not produce any interest…taking months to fill that position.


Are employers willing to cut corners – change hiring practice – settle?  Does this sound like your company?

Set yourself apart – don’t settle – I know, this may mean running a leaner team than you want…but only for a period of time – hiring the right person for your team, may be the key to your organization’s success…..or possible downfall.

Partnering with the right resources such as a HR consultant, insurance agent, legal counsel, and background screening company can help you and your organization soar!  Hiring the right person or persons for your team is critical and sets you apart from your competition.


Why take that risk and have a potluck gamble on a new team member? The steps to take are right at your fingertips. Invest the time, energy and money to truly hire the right person.

Here’s to safe hiring,



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