I am an Entrepreneur

January 9, 2019

Thank you for noticing! And you might be one too!

It’s funny how there are periodic epiphanies that really hit home and create a paradigm shift.

I had one such epiphany while attending monthly gatherings with other entrepreneurial women outside of the veterinary community. It was a realization that veterinarian owners had a difficult time seeing themselves as entrepreneurs.

The definition of an entrepreneur is a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.1 Yes, that describes an owner of a veterinary practice.

Yet, I would ask owners, “Do you see yourself as an entrepreneur?” They would nonchalantly answer, “No, I am a veterinarian.” Then, a couple of years later, I read Dr. Peter Weinstein’s book The E-Myth Veterinarian (written with Michael Gerber).2  BINGO!

“The most common mistake [veterinarians make] is going into practice thinking like a veterinarian rather than an entrepreneur,” explains Mr. Gerber during an interview.3

Dr. Weinstein was asked, “How can colleagues apply this concept to their practices?” He replied, “Working in [their practice] is just doing the task. ‘Working on’ means stepping out and evaluating how you can do things better.”4

How does it all relate?

Now to bring the idea of entrepreneurship and “working on” the business to today’s Blog.

You see, I am an entrepreneur. I do understand it is up to me to evaluate what is working and not working. Innovation, evaluation, vision and direction falls on my shoulders as a veterinary technician and the boss of my own business.

In October 2018, the CATALYST VetPC team met (two veterinary technicians and a practice manager) to map out 2019 opportunities, threats and goals (our planning session). We dove into the numbers (some good, some bad and some ugly).

Changes Made

The beginning of the year is a GREAT time to measure return on investment (ROI). We calculated that our time may be better spent distributing our CATALYST Chronicles twice a month (the ROI just isn’t there for once a week).

Keep in mind, our eNewsletter began as a monthly publication when it was just me at the helm, the Director of Possibilities, in 2014.  We were able to transform it to a weekly edition when Denise came on board as the Manager of Possibilities in 2017.

Now, after evaluating our ROI, the CATALYST Chronicles will be dropping into your in-box on the first and third Thursdays of each month. Don’t worry, it will contain the same practical, relevant information.

For us, it unlocks approximately 20+ valuable hours a month to focus on clients. This way we can better utilize our time for the creation of customized in-hospital workshops, speaker engagements, manager coaching and project management.

Your Turn

You are also encouraged to take time the first of the year to “work on your practice” instead of “in your practice.” Evaluate your team’s efficiency, client experience, team turnover and hiring process (to name a few). You may find your entrepreneurial spirit (or management prowess) has a lot of innovation (little and BIG changes) to implement.

Let us know how we can help!

Yours in Entrepreneurship,

Rebecca Rose, CVT

CATALYST VetPC’s Director of Possibilities


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2  The E-Myth Veterinarian, Gerber & Weinstein
3  Dispelling myths about entrepreneurship and practice ownership
4  Securing a successful practice: E-myth part II