Interviewing Process

December 26, 2017

Honing your “perfect” career through the interviewing process.

Be Honest – After internal reflection, are you content?

Process of InterviewingAs December comes to a close, it is a great time to reflect back on 2017 and to look forward and plan for 2018. Visit our Blog for some questions and thoughts to assist you with this process.

This is the last of our 3-part series in looking at tangible steps to assist you in identifying your career fit. By going through this process, you may find that you are already in a great position. Wonderful!

However, if it’s not exactly what you want, these points can help you eventually find the “perfect” job for YOU.

  • First, we challenged you to do some soul searching to determine your personal and professional values.     Blog = Considering Your Career Satisfaction
  • Then 2 weeks ago, we proposed questions for you to consider when seeking your career within the veterinary practice (e., what are the major pieces you require to be content in your position).    Blog = Should I Stay or Should I go?
  • Finally, in this last section, we will offer ideas for the interviewing process in order to land that “perfect” job for you.

Part 3 = Overview for the Interviewing Process

Here are several aspects of the process that are seen as positive, or what you want to see. In addition, you should think of what you want to see and add them to this list. Now you have a great starting point for identifying excellent facilities.

Job Announcement

  • Well written job announcement with pre-screening and drug testing
  • Up-to-date website
  • Engaging Facebook page and other social media
  • Manager is the lead in the hiring process (not the owner)
  • Video tour of facility with cheerful team members
  • Credentialed veterinary team members
  • Benefits package


  • Email correspondences are professional, timely and well written
  • Google reminder or another app utilized in scheduling
  • Offers to meet virtually or phone interview
  • May send out phone interview questions before hand
  • Employee Handbook (will send to you upon request)
  • Team phase training (for all staff members) and teambuilding
  • Paid working interview
  • Formally trained and supported management team
  • Formally trained and supported veterinary technicians and assistants
  • 15% team turnover (national average)
  • Productive, frequent team meetings
  • Consistent team messaging in the services and products provided

When you interview, remember, you’re interviewing the hospital as much as they are interviewing you. Your new place of employment needs to be a good fit, with the culture you want, or it won’t work. Make sure the hospital aligns with your values (level of standard of care, professional development, etc).

By identifying your job requirements (questions from the last two blogs) and searching for a good fit, you will find the most career satisfaction  It will be worth the time and energy spent in order to discover the “perfect” job for YOU.