LIVE! From Phoenix! Professional Team Development

May 18, 2017

Alumni from last year’s Certificate Program in Professionalism meet in a Mastermind setting.

This past week, CATALYSTVetPC was in Phoenix offering the Certificate Program in Professional Team Development. Team members from throughout Arizona attended classes geared towards client service, human resources and professionalism.

Tuesday, May 16th, we met with Alumni (completing the first Certificate Program in the summer of 2016). The group gathered in a Mastermind setting, discussing team  buy-in, incentives and dealing with difficult clients. The Alumni identified what worked well with their team members (improving phase training, implementing team meetings that are informative and FUN, and updating job descriptions using the day-in-the-life exercise). Then we dived into the challenges in deferring gossip, not passing judgement onto clients and building self-managed teams.

Managers and team leads begin their first day in the 5 month Certificate Program in Professionalism.

On Wednesday we stepped into the formal Certificate Program in Professionalism. Managers, team leads and owners engaged in lively conversations around hiring for emotional intelligence and consciously creating a culture to build morale and longevity.

For our final day on Thursday, we gather everyone on the team, embracing personal preferences (True Colors), designing and supporting careers in veterinary medicine for the long haul and identifying stressors and relievers.

To learn more about the ENTIRE program, click here.

Mittie Williams and Rebecca Rose

We must thank the Arizona Veterinary Medical Association, Veterinary Health Care Team of Arizona and innovative managers for bringing this unique course to veterinary teams in Arizona! A HUGE “shout out” to Mittie Williams for being an amazing education coordinator in supplying her time, energy and efforts!

We are having a great time and look forward to offering more Certificate Programs in Professionalism in Arizona and throughout the US.

Yours in Veterinary Team Development,

Rebecca Rose, CVT