MN VPMN Handouts & Links

Thank you for attending and participating in the Minnesota Veterinary Practice Manager Network Fall Conference.

As promised, please find links to handouts, exercises and phase training examples. Feel free to reach out to CATALYST VetPC when you have questions. We are happy to assist you and your team!

Team Culture Values & Traditions

SMART Goal Worksheet

Team + Training = Team Satisfaction

Trust + Training = Team Satisfaction Workbook

Team + Training = Team Satisfaction Video


Team Satisfaction Survey      Allow CATALYST VetPC to support you in creating team surveys that meet your needs.

Team Phase Training Examples can be found on the Veterinary Support Personnel Network (VSPN). You may already be a member. If not, membership is FREE! Once logged in, you will find many examples for phase training, job descriptions and team exercises. Why recreate the wheel when wheels already exist?

VSPN Library Handouts Hiring/Training 


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Here’s to you and your teams continued success!

Rebecca Rose, CVT