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National Veterinary Technician Week – NVTW-October 11th – 17th

Join us in 2021 when we conduct the 2nd Annual NVTW ROCKSTARS! 

Hill’s Giving & Receiving Feedback- Notes & Downloads

Thank you for attending the webinar on October 15th!

Veterinary Team Feedback Notes Hills NVTW

Veterinary Practice News; Giving the Gift of Feedback 



It’s that time of year again! Don’t let the pandemic stop you from having an AMAZING NVTW.  This year, more than any other, we need to be recognizing our teams and doing what we at CATALYST VetPC like to do most…CELEBRATE!
The CATALYST Team has pulled together a TON of ideas and resources. You can find all your NVTW ideas in one place.  Do you have an idea not on this list?  Submit your celebration ideas for a chance to be included in our resources section and help us grow this list to be bigger and better every single year!  Email ideas to [email protected]

Download Ideas Here – NVTW_Celebrations_Inspiration

Hill’s Giving & Receiving Feedback- CE Credit

Veterinary Team Feedback Notes Hills NVTW

Veterinary Practice News; Giving the Gift of Feedback 

  • October 15th at 6:00 Mtn Time
  • Rebecca Rose, CVT, Certifed Career Coach
  • 1 hour RACE credit

Celebration Inspiration

Preparation/ask for help:

  • Utilize vendor reps – Small gifts for goodies bags, sponsoring breakfast/lunch/snacks
  • DVM staff involvement – Ask DVMs and leadership staff to participate in the planning
  • Recruit special talents – Your team has special talents and can bring many creative ideas to the table
  • Set a budget – Having a per-person budget will help in planning
  • Get clients involved – Send a message to clients informing them of NVTW so they can get involved
  • National Veterinary Technician AssociationNVTW Toolkit 
  • State Vet Tech Associations – Reach out to explore how to celebrate
  • Team workshop or webinar – Virtual Workshops ROCK! CATALYST VetPC  has one titled ‘Celebrate More’

Simple ideas with high value (low cost)

  • Social Media posts – Post individual shout outs to your techs on social media during vet tech week
  • Word clouds* – Make word clouds filled with words that describe each tech.  Print and frame.
  • Handwritten thank you card – Be specific- highlighting what they bring to the team and a genuine thank you
  • Appreciation boards – Post a board where team or clients can leave appreciation notes to each other

The personalized (cost varies)

  • Pens* – Pens with their name
  • Can holders/insulators – If you have a bunch that likes to enjoy adult beverages, these are fun
  • Jewelry* – Jewelry with their pet’s names, vet tech sayings or pet symbols
  • Logo wear – Jackets, sweatshirts, etc that have their name and hospital logo on them
  • Personalized gear – Personalize anything they use regularly – lunch totes, water bottles, etc.
  • Key chains – Animal themed or personalized
  • Window decals – Vet Tech pride sayings like “I’m a Vet Tech, what is your superpower?”
  • Personalized mugs/cups – Order personalized mugs and fill with treats

Small goodies (low cost)

  • Office supplies – Fun animal-themed note pads, pens, highlighters, etc.
  • Lotto scratch off cards – “We hit the lotto when you joined the HOSPITAL NAME family”; pair with              candy coins
  • Hand sanitizer – “Your helping hands make HOSPITAL NAME what it is”
  • Candles – “You’re a SCENTsational team member”
  • Tiny Hands by Archie McGee – Funny gift -tiny hands so everyone always has an extra ‘helping hand’
  • Food warmers* – Food warmers keep food warm when there is no time to stop to eat
  • Pet items – Pets are part of the family, receiving pet goodies warms their hearts
  • Gift cards – Gift cards to their favorite restaurant, spa or store 

Experience gifts (higher cost)

  • Additional paid day off – Gift them an additional day off  to use over the next calendar year
  • Close and connect – Close the clinic for a few hours for an off-site lunch or team building activity
  • Piñata – A good old piñata filled with candy brings out the giddy child in all of us!
  • Coffee cart – Find a traveling coffee cart company to create specialty drinks for your team
  • Chair massages – Find a traveling massage therapist that can come in and give chair massages

Medical inspired

  • Scissors – A nice, sharp pair of bandage scissors.  Available from major vendors
  • Nurse pro packs – Think technician tool belt.  Give them all the things to fill it over the week
  • Stethoscope watch – Watch face that attaches to a stethoscopes

Combo gifts (cost varies)

  • Goodie bags  – Filled will small gifts of appreciation like hand lotion, hand sanitizer, pens, notebooks/post-its, gum/mints, Starbucks gift cards, favorite treat or candy, handwritten Thank You card.
  • Themed kits – self-care, movie night, dinner on us, etc.

Food (cost varies)

  • Themed food days  – Find out team members favorite meals or snacks and do a themed day…example:  Today is Amy’s favorite snack day: chips and queso.
  • Meal ideas (assemble) – Taco Tuesday, Nacho bar, Waffle bar, baked potato bar, ice cream sundae bar
  • Meal ideas (day of) – Pizza, grill out, catered delivery from your local restaurants
  • Local restaurants – Reach out to local restaurants and see if they want to donate coupons, food or other goodies for your vet tech week.  Promote their business on social media for supporting your team.
  • Homemade breakfast – Pancakes/Waffles.  Made extra special when managers and doctors make the breakfast!

Website Resources:

DISCLAIMER: CATALYST VetPC does not endorse any of the products listed.  This list is designed to help inspire you to celebrate your veterinary technicians to the fullest during national veterinary technician week.