Living Well Symposium Schedule

May 9, 2020

Watch the Schedule unfold as we establish wich Speakers can join us during the upcoming Symposiums. Will continue to morph until May 15th. Thursday evening..

Living Well Call for Speakers

May 2, 2020

Your enthusiasm is infectious. Keep it UP!  Thank you, THANK YOU, for considering being a Speaker at our inaugural Veterinary Teams Living Well Streamed S..

VIP Coaching

April 27, 2020

Your life, career and wellbeing in VetMed is important to us. We simply care about you, understand veterinary professionals and teams. Got Stress? Lack of ..

Group Synergy

April 27, 2020

How is self-accountability working for you? Are you obtaining your personal and professional goals? What!? You’re NOT…..? We gothchur back! Pow..