Practice what we Preach – Launching New Website!

March 29, 2017

Small snapshot of the new CATALYSTVetPC website.

Updating a website is a daunting, sometimes overwhelming task, and yet CATALYST has to practice what we preach. On a regular basis, it’s good for individuals, teams and businesses to evaluate where they have been, what they are doing and where they want to be.

Check back the end of the week to peruse the new site. I know you are sitting on the edge of  your seat in anticipation!!!

When I created CATALYST Veterinary Practice Consultants (Spring 2013), I knew it would constantly be a work in progress. I took the plunge and contacted a local professional in branding and marketing. We didn’t even consider a name or logo until the third week of consultation. We began by identifying values, mission and vision (sound familiar?), then services, and finally a name and branding. We outlined “why,” “how” and “what.”

We identified that CATALYST believes (the “why”) that veterinary hospitals and teams thrive when there is a culture cultivated in career development, team engagement and maximum leveraging. We offer (the “how”) a unique, holistic and innovative approach to veterinary team development, client service and practice prosperity. CATALYST educates, empowers and elevates veterinary teams to reach their highest potential (the “what”). These are steadfast and true; CATALYST’s guiding principles. What are your team’s guiding principles?

You may relate to having an idea you feel passionate about, and willing to risk it all, to give it a chance to succeed. That is precisely how CATALYST Veterinary Practice Consultants was created; on a dream and a leap of faith! I had to give my passion wings to see if it could fly…

Now, three years later, the services have morphed yet the original values, vision and mission still guide the business decisions. I knew CATALYST was about supporting the veterinary team, first and foremost, because a veterinary hospital will succeed when the team is supported in personal and professional growth. I knew there had to be a holistic approach (of the whole team) in wellness, satisfaction, skills and communication.

You will see the new website has a different feel but still contains the material that focuses on veterinary team development through individual career coaching, classes, workshops and practice consultations.

You and your team may benefit from evaluating your current values, vision and mission. Do the statements properly reflect who you are, what you do and where you want to go? Start with why, how and what. If your team is unable to identify key points listed on your website, then it is time to regroup! Your website is your “home base.”

We are excited to launch our new website at the end of the week! Look for the new site on Social Links as well. We look forward to your feedback on how we can continue to help you and the entire team thrive.

Yours in Practice What We Preach,

Rebecca Rose, CVT