Team Efficiency Audit

Consider your team’s efficiency and efficacy

Identify how your team is currently being utilized and discover ways to better leverage team members.

A team efficiency audit can be more involved in order to analyze all that is occurring and offer tangible suggestions. The more that is evaluated, the better the final report and suggestions for potential solutions.

Depending on the depth of the audit, it may involve a site visit as well.

  • Analyze employee turnover
  • Review job descriptions
  • Conduct team interviews (to include an anonymous electronic survey)
  • Evaluate team salaries/benefits
  • Shadow team members
  • Client engagement (reviews and surveys)
  • Critique layout of the practice

The final product will consist of a consultation report of findings and suggested improvements as well as a plan for follow-through for the next 3-6 months.

Desired Outcome = To increase team satisfaction and hospital profitability by maximum utilization of time and skill levels.

This includes an evaluation of your team’s health

We will start by evaluating the current level of team health and wellbeing.  Then we will identify potential systems to combat burnout, compassion fatigue and stress for your team.

It is about identifying what is working, what is not working, and how to fill in the gaps with relievers in order to improve veterinary team wellbeing. There are many tools and resources to assist you during this journey.

Identify team turnover

What is your turnover rate? Is this higher or lower than national numbers? Veterinary numbers? Rebecca will assist you in defining your current annual percent turnover and identify plans to decrease it.

You will gain a big picture look at your hospital’s turnover rate and how to rectify it.