Retaining and Attracting Quality Team Members-CVMA Life Skills Workshop-Thursday Sept 20th

Anticipate great conversations with colleagues and increased networking.

You are invited to engage in an interactive, informative Workshop identifying the reasons veterinary team members leave, how to keep them and designing outstanding job announcements to get them into your veterinary hospital!

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Graciously sponsored by Lasting Paws Pet Memorial  

Facilitated by Rebecca Rose, CVT

Download Workshop Details: Vet Team CVMA Workshop 2018  


You read on social threads and in journals about the shortage of trained, qualified veterinary team members, but what are the reasons? We understand the need because managers are continually on the look-out for loyal veterinary team members. Now, let’s define solutions!

National and local statistics point to demand, and during the workshop we dive deep into these numbers. Is attrition due to salary, or are there other reasons people leave the practice and the industry? Together we will explore team attrition and retention. Plus offer suggestions in attracting team members for the long haul.

Join us for an interactive workshop, designed to be thought provoking, full of tangible resources and FUN!  For those registering, there will be reading materials and an anonymous survey to customize discussion in team turnover and retention for the attendees.


Survey and informative articles sent to all registered Workshop attendees on September 4th.

Session 1:  Should I stay or should I GO?! Why veterinary team members leave veterinary practices

Description: Statistics point to the fact that a large percentage (upwards of 50%) of your team is asking this exact question on a daily basis, “Should I stay or should I go?” Veterinary hospitals experience turnover twice that of other industries; an alarming statistic. Is it any wonder managers are continually on the lookout for qualified, formally-trained veterinary technicians and team members?


  • How to calculate annual turnover in your practice
  • Identifying the reasons team members leave
  • Obtain resources for team salaries to evaluate your practice compensation against regional wages

Session 2:  Is it really ALL about the money or just an excuse to leave a bad culture?

Description: Team members point to low wages as a reason to leave, but is there more to the equation?

Together we will look at state and local wage and benefit packages. Where does your practice fall?  Are managers able and willing to have conversations with their veterinary team members related to financial needs, dissatisfaction in their job and desire to grow their careers? Inquiring minds want to know!


  • Identifying the details offered in salary and benefits packages
  • Learn value of open dialogue with team members regarding finances
  • Evaluate practice culture from the team members’ point of view

Session 3:  Defining Best Practices in team retention

Description: There are Best Practices in nearly all aspects of small businesses. We will focus on generating a list for Best Practices in Team Retention. Managers may need to reach beyond their comfort zone to establish effective lines of communication, define a clear vision for the practice and grow team members’ careers (not just a job!). Relief is on the way! There is hope as models prove team satisfaction and retention can be a reality.


  • Define and understand the best practices in team retention
  • Strategies to implement these concepts in your practice
  • How managers can communicate these ideas by leading through example

Session 4:  Hiring strategy; it’s more than a job announcement!

Description: Gone are the days of throwing a job announcement together, placing it in your local newspaper and watching the stream of qualified applicants flow in. Today, managers must ponder far more! They must consider what positions are necessary to hire, create a savvy hiring strategy, and generate a compelling offer to qualified candidates.  Job announcements must be outstanding and appealing to hire a stellar team member. It is a job seeker’s market!


  • Objectively evaluate current team members and their skill levels
  • Determine additional, if any, positions/skill sets needed for anticipated practice growth and vision
  • Create a benefits package with a compelling job announcement